Revision history for Perl extension AnyEvent::Gearman

0.10  2013-02-05T11:14:40
      - Fix memory leak (patch by athomason@github)

0.09  2010-10-12T16:55:14+09:00
      - added MouseX::Foreign support.
      - to adding above change, depands latest Mouse and MouseX::Foreign

0.08  2010-03-15T10:06:54+09:00
      - fixed a typo at documentation (reported by clkao++)

0.07  2010-03-11T12:04:42+09:00
      - added prefix support on AnyEvent::Gearman::Client

0.06  2009-11-19T19:49:33+09:00
      - return on_fail event when unexpected connection error

0.05  2009-10-31T11:25:39+09:00
      - run test both Mouse/Moose
      - remove Data::UUID dependency its no longer necessary
      - add melo to stopwords ;)
      - fix wrong deep coercion (reported by miyagawa++)

0.04  2009-10-15T10:23:42+09:00
      - melo++ did several fixes listed below
      - added the add_task_bg() API for background jobs;
      - a couple of fixes here and there:
      - the usage gearman_worker('') or gearman_client('')
        was failing with "modification of read-only value message";
      - Added missing dependencies: Test::Base and others. I wonder why you use Test::Base though, I don't think its maintained anymore, and the latest Test::More with the done_testing() API do most of what I liked on Test::Base;
      - fixed a bug in Worker where he would not grab a new job after being done with the first one;
      - a bit of cleanups in the test directory;

0.03002 2009-09-15T14:33:50+09:00
      - depends latest Test::TCP

0.03001 2009-09-07T12:06:50+09:00
      - fix test worker perl path (Reported by Kentaro Kuribayashi)

0.03  2009-09-07T10:46:26+09:00
      - remove isa constraints for 'Guard', it's not used when PP mode.
      - add sleep in testcases for waiting server available

0.02  2009-09-03T18:25:40+09:00
      - change task uuid default value to ''
      - fix pod typos

0.01002 2009-09-03T10:19:58+09:00
      - add a missing prereq

0.01001 2009-09-02T18:05:37+09:00
      - fixed test's stupid END block (miyagawa++)
      - depends latest AnyEvent (tokuhirom++)

0.01  2009-09-02T16:13:24+09:00
      - original version