Revision history for AnyEvent-HTTP-Message

0.302     2013-06-13T03:05:24Z

  - Don't pass Content-Length header to AnyEvent::HTTP to avoid persisting
    the header incorrectly.  Closes rt-85665.

0.301     2012-05-27T05:49:46Z

  - Throw error if arguments are passed to $req->cb() to avoid confusion.
  - Define $req->respond_with(@res) to pass a response to the cb.

0.300     2012-04-22T22:32:36Z

  [Backwards Incompatible Changes]
  - For consistency/clarity/simplicity $request->params
    no longer includes 'body' and 'headers'.  Use the accessor methods.
    'params' is now only used for the extra AnyEvent::HTTP (user-agent) params.
  - $request->body will default to an empty string if not defined.

  - Enable conversion from/to HTTP::Message objects

  - Fix error messages when parse_args gets the wrong number of arguments.

  - Reorganize documentation for clarity/simplicity (hopefully).

0.100     2012-04-19T01:28:25Z

  - Initial release