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2.10  07. Feg 2005
   - Fixed $VERSION... 

2.09  07. Feb 2005
   - Added notes about KeepAlive Off in httpd.conf file
   - Added patch from Sergey Svishchev that fixes and issue where
     each request after the first request on a keep-alive
     connection used POST data as headers. (Thanks!!)
   - Added patch that fixed "SMB Server connection not open in 
     state 3" error with Apache2/mp2. (Big thanks to Dr. Russell Mosemann!)

2.08  04.  Oct 2004
   - Applied patch from Chris Hughes, which changes the modification
     of $conn -> remote_host(), (which became read-only in 

2.07  07.  May 2004
   - Fixed a lazy finger mistake on Line 136 :P
     (Thanks Daniel Roegelein!)

2.06  16.  Feb 2004
   - Added code to remove DOMAIN\\ from windows XP/2003 logins 
     (patch by Michael Zehrer)
   - Added instructions put forth by Darryl Miles about windows smb
     server not accepting ip address, only domain name

2.05  22.  Jan 2004
   - fixed misspelling of ntlmsemtimeout in help section
   - fixed deprecated method APR::SockAddr::port_get with
     APR::SockAddr::port for MP2.  Now requires MP2 version
     >= 1.99_12

2.04  25. Jul 2003
   - beautified the handler code with Stas Beckman's fix in docs

2.03  24. Jul 2003
   - removed port debugging line that was causing irritation
   - fixed apt misspelling of Microsoft

2.02  23. Jul 2003
   - removed r->log line that was killing the handler

2.01  22. Jul 2003
   - Ported to work with both versions of modperl
   - Cleaned up the Documentation a bit
   - Fixed broken URLs in README
0.23  12. Nov 2002

   - Fixed possible lockup with POST data. Patch from Gerald Combs.

0.22  11. Nov 2002

   - Return FORBIDDEN (instead of SERVER_ERROR) when no PDC is 
     configured for a given domain
   - Compiles now correctly with Perl 5.005
   - Fixed problem with POST data, based on a patch from Gerald Combs.

0.21  03. Sept 2002

   - Fixed bug that had cut nonce on null byte, which cause
     smb auth to fail randomly

0.20  27. Aug 2002
   - Directly close connection to smb server after validation 

0.19  26. Aug 2002

   - Fixed in smbval c library to allow multiple connections at the same
     time (i.e. set VcNumber to 1 instead of 0)
   - Rewored serialziation code. It now makes sure that the whole
     request to the smb server is serialzied.
   - Added semtimeout directive to avoid endless locks.
   - Debug messages cleanup. Now can set ntlmdebug to 1 or 2 to
     get less/more verbose infomations.

0.18  23. Aug 2002

   - Update smbval library
   - Fixed problem with guest access. Before 0.18 smbval lib would
     logon any user if the domain contains a guest account.
     Patch from Eric Devolder.
   - Fixed problem that smbval lib cannot handle two requests at
     the same time. I don't know if this is a general problem
     of the smb protocol, but after doing a lot of research
     the only solution I found is to serialzie all requests
     to the server. See also PerlSetVar ntlmsemkey.
   - Added fallbackdomain which is used when the domain the user
     supplied is not configured. Patch from David B. Pasirstein.
   - Fixed missing headers for Basic Auth. Patch from  David B. Pasirstein.
   - Make username always lowercase in connection record, to avoid
     problems when comparing user name (e.g. in q require directive)

0.17  19. Apr 2002

   - fix bug with ntlmauthoritative off
   - fix compile problem on FreeBSD reported by Ryan Parr.

0.16  14. Apr 2002

   - Return DECLINE to pass request to next authentication handler
     in case ntlmauthoritative is not set and a communication error
     with the Domain Controller has occured.
   - Return DECLINE to pass request to next authentication handler
     in case ntlmauthoritative is not set and we have credentials
     for another authorization method given from the browser.
   - Log the connection header in debug mode to see if it's a keep
     alive request.

 0.15  9. Apr 2002

   - Added patch from Brian Paulsen which causes correct handling of
     non unicode charset (needed for some versions of win9x) and
     more verbose debugging output (decoded flags)

 0.14  26. Feb 2002

   - fixed a problem that page content of Perl sometimes goes to the
     stderr instead of stdout

 0.13  9. Jan 2002

    - return mapped username, when second request on same connection, 
      instead of unmapped

 0.12  8. Jan 2002 

    - fix broken Authen::Smb::authen function in Authen::Smb 0.92 that
      ships with Apache::AuthenNTLM

 0.11  8. Jan 2002

    - Initial public release