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# $Id: Changes,v 1998/12/16 23:05:29 daniel Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension Apache::AuthenRadius.

0.05  Mon Sep  4 18:49:42 PDT 2006

	- Support both MP1 & MP2

	Added digest authentication by Mike McCauley
	especially so it could be used with RadKey token based
	authentication modules for IE5 and Radiator

	- Updated docs, added tests.

0.04  Tue Jan 18 10:21:38 2000
	- Added support for Digest with customised algorithms.
	  Automatically generates a nonce, and checks for nonce
	  staleness. The entire authentication header is sent
	  to the radius server as the password. Requires Authen::Radius
	  version 0.06 or better to handle long passwords
	  Mike McCauley

0.02  Mon Jun 8 15:10:31 1998
	- Added documentation, packaged up.

0.01  Mon Jun 8 14:11:38 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18