2004-04-19  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Makefile.PL: release 1.10

	Added a discussion of Apache::Gateway versus some newer approaches
	now possible.

	* Gateway.pm: Removed use of experimental Regexp module.

	* References.txt: HTTP/1.1 and WebDAV IETF drafts are now RFCs.

1998-08-07  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Makefile.PL: release 1.01

	* TODO:
	Added proposal not to try known bad servers until after all good
	servers have been tried.

	* ChangeLog: Fixed up ChangeLog.

1998-08-05  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Makefile.PL:
 	release 1.00

	Arrange for distributions to be gzip'ed.

	* Gateway.pm:
	Turned Apache::Gateway into a proper module (meaning, it's now an
	object).  The handler now just creates an Apache::Gateway object if
	needed and calls its send_request method.

	* MANIFEST, examples, FAQ.txt:
	initial check-in

	* TODO:
	Propose eliminating URI::URL.  Consider forwarding the request via
	Apache's proxy mechanism as an alternative to LWP::UserAgent.

1998-07-29  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Gateway.pm:
	Moved package version into Makefile.PL.  $VERSION in this file now
	applies only to this file.

	* test.pl: Created a Makefile.PL.

	* README, References.txt, TODO:
	Moved some documentation into separate files.

	* Makefile.PL: Created a Makefile.PL file.

	* Definitions.txt: Moved some documentation into separate files.

	* Gateway.pm:
	Moved some documentation into separate files.  Some methods (like
	file:) don't use ports (and default ports).  Check that ports exist
	before using them.

1998-07-28  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Gateway.pm: Modified to more closely follow perlstyle guidelines.

1998-07-21  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Gateway.pm:
	Added a lot more documentation and used CPAN sites in the examples
	instead of Debian sites.

	Moved GatewayRoot out of main Apache conf files and into the
	GatewayConfig files.

	Added GatewayTimeout.

	Adjusted If-Modified-Since time when talking to upstream servers with
	incorrect timestamps.

	Fixed errors in multiplexing.

	Pass through cache and pragma directives.

	Removed some debugging statements.

	Updated documentation.

	Implemented multiplexing.

	Broke printHeaders into smaller pieces.

1998-07-20  Charles C. Fu  <perl@web-i18n.net>

	* Gateway.pm: Removed directory munging capability.
	Changed names from 'multiplexer' to 'gateway'.
	Allow ForceType and similar directives to work.