2003-03-03  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Added a license statement on request of Steve Hay

2002-08-26  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Added washing off of UTF-8 flag by Encode if $] > 5.007

	* Adding a t/loadme.t. At least we know we can be loaded

	* Rewriting Changes as ChangeLog for my own convenience

	* Removed peeking into User-Agent. Today all browsers behave OK,
	as far as I know. Removed Vary flag for User-Agent too. If no
	Accept-Encoding header is sent, fix the "undefined" error.


	* Added option C<GzipForce> which turns on gzipping
	unconditionally. Thanks for the patch to Eric Cholet.

	* Removed the Alpha warning, as all problems seem to have


	* Added a Vary header, because that's the way HTTP 1.1 commands


	* Bummer: a user reported that his Internet Explorer 3.02 cannot
	uncompress. Ok, we said, but we wouldn't send gzipped files to IE
	3.02. But the guy was sure he couldn't read the files we were
	sending. Inspection revealed that his version of IE (which he
	insisted was 3.02) sent a User-Agent header that was not a single
	bit different from what IE 4.0 sends. GzipChain thusly refrains
	from sending gzipped data to IE customers which really hurts.
	Sorry folks.

	* Changes in Apache::PassFile: now sends the Last Modified header
	(can be turned off)

	* Improved User-Agent regex for speed. Added the check for the
	Accept-Encoding header. Improved documentation.


	* original version