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2.0b7 28. Sep 2002

 - Updated the list of allowable attribute to write method call, so
   you don't get and unknow attribute error anymore.
 - Added AIMCheckMTime which, when set, cause Apache::ImageMagick
   to compare the modification time of the source and the cached
   image and recompute the result if the source has changed.
 - Added AIMDisableSearch to disable auto conversion of image formats
 - Directory Requests are ignored now, so they can be handled by Apache
   as usual.
 - Add example CGI script in scripts/
 - Start with an test suite. You may run it with perl tst/ but
   it may fail on the test which involves fonts, unless you same the
   same fonts as on my test machine.

2.0b6 28. Feb 2002

 - ImageMagick warnings are only logged, but image is still returned
 - Add CGI::ImageMagick which is a fake Apache request and allows
   to use Apache::ImageMagick as CGI or offline
 - Fix some copy & paste errors, which causes warnings

2.0b5 27. Nov 2001

 - make sure cache files are closed after they have been written.
   Bug reported by Robert.

2.0b4 14. Sept 2001

 - fixed a bug in Makefile.PL which caused make to complain about
   ImageMagick.o, which doesn't exist. Reported by Robert.

2.0b3 13. Aug 2001 

 - Added mod_aimproxy
2.0b2 12. Aug 2001 

 - Added AIMParameter directive
 - Added -new argument to create images from the scratch

2.0b1 8. Aug 2001 

 - Inital version