-Now works *only* with Apache2/mod_perl2.
	-Removed searching functionality -- was not stable.
        -Removed MP3::Icecast dependency -- this module cannot produce headers
		needed by Apache2.

3.05	Mon Oct  6 10:09:47 EDT 2003
	-Put version back into Apache::Resample
	-Performance and functionality improvements to search function
	from Evan Harris.	

3.04 Fri Nov 29 16:33:29 EST 2002
	-Fixed incorrect HTML content type in the META tag.
	-Fixed incorrect playlist port numbers when running in non-virtual
		host, but using non-80 port.
	-Added javascript functions for use with help pages.
	-Chinese support from Autrijus Tang

3.03 Sun Oct 13 23:21:00 EDT 2002
	- Added generic filtering code to Apache::Resample contributed by
	Caleb Epstein.
	- Fixed bug in the playlist handling code that prevented individual files
	from streaming when [stream] link pressed.

3.01 Sun Aug 18 13:32:59 EDT 2002
	-Changed the way that $VERSION is defined in the localization modules
	in order to live peacefully with CPAN.

3.00 Fri Aug 16 00:12:33 EDT 2002
	- Extensive contribution from Sean Burke to provide localization and

2.26 Wed Apr 17 11:03:24 EDT 2002
	- Added patch from Tom Hughes to correctly escape paths in the playlist.
	- Added patch from Tom Hughes to fetch the average bitrate for VBR Ogg
		files rather than the nominal bitrate (which is meaningless).

2.25 Tue Apr  9 12:35:44 EDT 2002
	- Added patch from Clemens Schrimpe to handle diacritical marks in
		CD icon names.
	- Added patch from John Regehr to get CDDB information from an 
	external index file, if present.
        - Put warning in the error_log if PerlSetupEnv has been set to off
        (thanks to Stas Bekman and Eric Hammond)  

2.24 Sun Jan 27 08:42:58 MST 2002
	- Playlists work again.  This was broken in version 2.22 when
		support for non-MP3 playlists added.

2.23 Thu Jan 24 18:44:42 EST 2002
	- Fixed problem with not being able to stream from virtual hosts.
	- Documented issues relating to not finding lame in the PATH when

2.22 Sun Jan  6 15:25:07 EST 2002
	- Folded in Devin Carraway's <apache-modmp3@devin.com> patches
		for Ogg Vorbis Support.
	- Added Wave file support, along with a new architecture to deal
		with various media types.
	- Added Allen Day's modifications for handling directory list icons
		with some of my own modifications to make this more flexible.
	- Bug fixes in the ICY headers.

2.21 Tue Nov 20 11:44:43 EST 2001
	- Folded in Allen Day's modifications for
		handling .pls (audio/x-scpls) files.
	- Folden in Iaian Wade's <iwade@habitue.net> modifications for 
		handling ETags (speeds performance on big directories).
	- Changes from Joshua Cantard to fix information sent prior to streaming.

2.20 Mon Sun Sep 23 01:11:37 EDT 2001
	- Multiple bugs fixed in playlist.

2.19 Mon Jul 16 21:36:15 EDT 2001
	- Patch for Ask Bjoern Hansen to support the scroll bar when
		streaming to WinAmp.

2.18 Sun Jun 10 17:21:36 EDT 2001
	- Patch from Chris Nandor to get the file size approximately
		right when streaming downsampled files.
	- Patch from Chris Nandor to fix problems downloading
		MP3 files when resampling turned on.
	- Fixed an HTML-generating bug that prevented the browser window
		title from being set.
	- Removed hard-coded white background color from the resampling

2.17 Mon Feb 12 10:27:38 EST 2001
	- Fixed problem of multiple fetch buttons appearing when
		AllowStream is set to "no"

2.16 Mon Apr 30 22:31:17 EDT 2001
	- Added Apache::MP3::Resample, which provides dynamic downsampling
		for people with slower connections.
	- Added MS Media player to list of acceptable streaming clients.

2.15 Mon Jan  1 22:20:24 EST 2001
	- Fixed security bug which allowed people to bypass the AllowDownload setting.
	- Made "AllowDownload no" compatible with cover art.

2.14 Sat Dec 30 23:10:32 EST 2000
	- Fixed documentation to indicate that AddType requires dots before the
		.mp3 and .MP3 extension names.
	- Made the cache writing taint safe.
	- Fixed generation of extended playlists to work with earlier versions
		of WinAmp.
	- Added playlist and local streaming patches kindly provided by
		Jamie O'Shaughnessy.
	- Fixed display of directory path links when the current directory has same
		name as a parent directory.

2.13 Thu Nov 30 12:17:31 EST 2000
	- Patch from Jeffrey Sumler to prevent faults when streaming files containing
		regular expression metacharacters
	- Fix to prevent entire directory from being streamed when the directory
		has same name as the desired MP3 file (Jeffrey Sumler identified problem).

2.12 Tue Nov 21 08:39:15 EST 2000
	I have normalized field names and added some new fields.  In particular, "kbps" has
	been renamed "bitrate".  If you are using the mp3info caching feature, please delete 
	your cache directory so that the new fields are correctly cached

	-Check for invalid songs in playlist and refuse to play them.
	-Added Jeffrey Seifert's patch for cover art.  You can now place a file named
		"cover.jpg" in an album subdirectory and have it appear next to
		the album's name.
	-Added Chris Nandor's patch for Accept-Range so that certain players can
		fetch selected portions of the song (in theory at least).
	-Added Kee Hinkley's extended playlist patch, which allows WinAmp (and other players?)
		to display the title and duration of the song in the playlist.
	-Added Gary Johnston's patch which fixes truncated songs when streaming from a
		Windows server (the old binmode() trap).

2.11 Sat Sep  9 18:04:55 EDT 2000
	Added Tim Ayer's patches for sorting.  Now can sort playlists 
		on multiple fields (nice!)
	Detect when playlist cookie is full, alert user, and suppress 
		further attempts to add to playlist.
	Documentation fixes.

2.10 Sun Sep  3 20:29:41 MET DST 2000
	Ooops.  Playlist.pm was inadvertently left out; now it's back in.
	Fixed divide by zero error on corrupt MP3 files.

2.08 Wed Aug 30 22:39:38 EDT 2000
	Added playlist functionality.
	Temporarily changed form POST method to GET to work around an (apparent) bug
		in mod_perl's ability to redirect from a POST to a GET (Apache hangs
		after returning from handler).  It "used to work" just fine.
	Suppressed appearance of authentication information
		XMMS/WinAmp scrolling marquee

2.07 Sat Aug 26 13:49:30 EDT 2000
	Fixed caching routines so that information about failed mp3_info()
		lookups is cached as well.

2.06 Fri Aug 25 23:39:00 EDT 2000
	Fixed bug in [stream] button that caused module to fail on
		directories containing parentheses and other RE

2.05 Fri Aug 25 08:10:04 EDT 2000
	Changed directory layout to get faster loading
	Now supports HTTP authentication (passwords)
	Supports directories with spaces and funny characters

2.04 Tue Aug 22 04:38:07 PDT 2000
	Completely revamped to make more object oriented
	Apahce::MP3::Sorted subclass
	Added help page
2.02 Sun May 28 12:18:37 2000
	More information on MP3::Info segfaults
	Added installation directions to README

2.01 Sat May 27 00:32:18 2000
	Added information on a workaround for random segfaults related to MP3::Info

2.00  Sat May 27 00:00:09 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-A -X -f -n Apache-MP3
1.00  February 2000
      Old defunct version.