Revision history for Perl extension Apache::PageKit.

	For more details on migration, see migration/README
 	- Allow testsuit to catch up with Changes in Apache::Test.
 		POST's can be redirected on the fly. 
		Otherwise the tests 05, 06 and 07 fail.
		( Boris Zentner )

	- Fix: a new typo in Makefile.PL
		-+binmode $template_fh, ':encoding($default_input_charset)';
		++binmode $template_fh, ":encoding($default_input_charset)";
		( Boris Zentner )
        ! The param method returns a empty list in list context if 
                the param was not defined. Older PageKits returned undef
                ( Boris Zentner )
        - Fix: add missing : in binmode $fh, ":encoding(...)";
                ( Boris Zentner )
        - Fix: typo in scripts/ ( Boris Zentner )
	- Add: request_class parameter just for the case, that you like 
		another class or subclass do what Apache::Request do for you.
		Defaults to Apache::Request::PageKit ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix: conversion error if the tmpl file's encoding is != utf8 and no
		content_var's are used. affects only perl < 5.8.0
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Add: Basic testsuite ( Boris Zentner )
	- Remove this file is obsolete ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix: Fresh created session cookie headers are wrongly not send
        for pkit_redirect pages this is fixed now. ( Boris Zentner ) 
	- Add: Experimental support for Template Toolkit. Enabled with
		template_class = "Template" in your Config.xml
		( Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: with pkit_admin=on and perl 5.8.x the input data is 
                converted to your default_input_charset.
                ( Boris Zentner, Sean Lee )
	- Send Content-Length header for static files. ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix: eg/dbfile needs rw permission even for nobody or nouser
		if apache is started as root. 
		( Boris Zentner, Shawn Poulson )
 	- Fix: parse for xsl-params again in the xsl files. This was 
 		broken in 1.13. ( Ben Ausden )
	- Fix: add use Apache::PageKit::Model to eg/Model/MyPageKit/
		since it is possible that the application class is loaded
		before Apache::PageKit ( Boris Zentner )
	- the eg site use DBD::SQLite now. This obsoletes
		DBD::CSV, SQL::Statement and Text::CSV_XS.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- fop_command can be disabled with fop_command = ""
		( Boris Zentner, Shimon Rura )
	- Remove Apache->request calls from Apache::PageKit::Edit
		just to make apache 2 changes smaller ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix: Parse Accept-Charsets more pettier ( Boris Zentner )
	! If the client browser has no accept charset header or no good one,
		deliver in the default_output_charset and set the charset
		in the content_type header. ( Erik Günther )
	- Fix uri_prefix in conjunction with can_edit
		( Boris Zentner, Erik Günther ) 
	- Add scripts/ it helps to start new applications
                fast ( Boris Zentner )
	- Add <PKIT_COMMENT> and </PKIT_COMMENT> tags. ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix filetest for upload_tmp_dir ( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix locale support. One message was twice in the .po files.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Fix Encoding of Apache::PageKit::Edit. Use HTML::Entities
		and encode only '<>&"' ( Boris Zentner )	
	- Fix encoding of Apache::ErrorReport stacktrace
		( Boris Zentner, Paul Flinders )
	- PageKit now install the right version for the installed perl.
		This requires the patch command if you use perl 5.8.x.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Replace Apache::test with Apache::Test ( Boris Zentner )
	- Workaround segfault in XML::LibXML2 in context with findnodes
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Add large comments in front of custom response headers for MSIE.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Send full response messages if no data is send to the user.
		This fix display problems on some browsers.
		( Boris Zentner, Rob Starkey )
	- Send headers even if we process a SubRequest
		( Boris Zentner, Anton Permyakov )
	- Some case changes in the eg site, to get it working
		case-sensitive. ( Boris Zentner )
	- All PageKit vars in the output object like pkit_user, pkit_done
		and so on are in lowercase now. This is usefull if we use
		another templating engine where case matters.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Add docs for pkit_internal_execute_redirect
		( Boris Zentner )
	- pkit_internal_redirect and pkit_internal_execute_redirect
		handle page_id's with parameters (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: Cache handling on the client side more restrictive
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed bug in params_as_string when value is 0 ( TJ Mather )
	- Improved error message when template not found
		and XML::LibXSLT not installed ( TJ Mather )
	- Fix: Expansion of multivalued parameters for HTML::Template
		( Paul G. Weiss )
	- FIX: Typo in HAVE_NOT_MESSAGES close tag.
		( Boris Zentner )
	- Add new option upload_tmp_dir
		see Apache::Request TEMP_DIR ( Ben Ausden )
	- Large speedup for all static pages ( Boris Zentner )
	- Add docs for the ignore_fillinform_fields methode
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: remove again 0xa0 chars from FAQ.pod
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix early delivery of static pages (Paul G. Weiss)
	- Add Apache::PageKit::FAQ (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: Search attributes for a page in the sections
        	even if the page has some other attributes
		(Glenn Morgan)
	- Fix: Add missing # to the colors in eg/
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix expansion of unused pkit_macro tags to ''
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix pkit_get_session_id to work even without a real
		session (Boris Zentner, Russell D. Weiss)
	- Add page attribute use_sessions defaults to 'yes'
		(Boris Zentner, Russell D. Weiss)
	- Fix PKIT_SELFURL and handling of empty parameters
		(Bill Karwin)
	- Fix PKIT_MACRO expansion for nested templates.
		(Boris Zentner, Russell D. Weiss)
	- is now os indpendent (Boris Zentner)
	- Add docs for <PKIT_ELSE>, <PKIT_IS_ERROR>, <PKIT_NOT_ERROR> and
		pkit_component_params_hashref (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix pkit_validate_input to work with Data::FormValidator >= 1.11
		(Paul G. Weiss, Boris Zentner)
 	- Add a note to the docs, that some pages can not be protected
		(Boris Zentner, Rob Starkey)
	- Fix some links in the eg site to work in a different
		location (Boris Zentner)
	- Do not deliver a page direct if the client forget to add a '/'
		instead redirect to the right place. This is done to get
		relative links right. (Boris Zentner)
	- Prepare PageKit for W32 (Boris Zentner)
	- Avoid changing apr->filename and apr->path_info
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix warning, when the clients browser did not send a 
		User-Agent header. (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix for startup when passed parameter should override
		PKIT_ROOT and PKIT_SERVER settings (TJ Mather)
	- Workaround another UTF conversion bug in perl 5.6.1
		(Boris Zentner, Gabriel Burca)
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: pkit_edit translate & to &amp; since <textarea> holds
		#PCDATA, but we want it raw. (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix warning, when pkit_auth_session_key is called with a session
		without a user_id or the database can not provide a login
		or passwd. (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: do NOT cache the page, that force us to login (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix warning, when a pkit_macro tag is used without the same
		parameter in the pkit_component tag (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix pkit_input_hashref for the case where you request the hash,
		change something and request the hash again. In error
		you get the old value(s) back. (Glenn Morgan)
	- Fix call pkit_on_error before the session data is saved. 
		So you can rollback the changes, even if your session
		data is in the same db with your application.
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix replace <PKIT_ERRORSTR> even inside pkit_message 
		strings. (Boris Zentner)
	- Use parameters for Apache::PageKit->startup if we can not
		find PKIT_ROOT and or PKIT_SERVER for 
		mod_perl >= 1.06 (Boris Zentner)
	- Add patch to use <PKIT_ERRORSPAN> and <PKIT_ERRORFONT>
		without a name attribute. (Boris Zentner)
	- Add: component subs are called with component-parameters.
		See pkit_component_params_hashref
		(Boris Zentner)
	! Component code is called inorder from top to the bottom
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: bug, where path relative components are not listed 
		as an edit component. (Boris Zentner, Gabriel Burca)
	- Fix: A errormessage is fixed, that report file is out of
		the root_dir even if the file is not found.
		(Boris Zentner, Gabriel Burca)
	- Add new server option cookie_postfix. To name cookies just for the
                case, that multiple pkit applications run  in the same
                apache server. (Boris Zentner, David Raimbault)
	- Fix: write the session data and destroy the db connection
		even if an error transpires (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: defer delivery of static pages if parameters are attached to
		the URI. This allows to login/logout even with a static
		default page (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix iconv conversion: it is perfect legal to convert an empty
		string '' to another charset (Boris Zentner)
		(Boris Zentner, Sebastian Feuerstack)
	- Fix: case where something.xml was added to the mtimes hash even
		if it does not exists (only if all your content came from
		another file via xpath document() function) this result in a 
		slowdown for the page unless reload="no" (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: die with the error from the fop command.
        	So the errors show up in your browser or log (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix content_encoding header. If unsure, play save and send
        	the page NOT gzipped (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix fop example pages (John Robinson)
	- Add new global option protect_static (Boris Zentner)
	- Remove some mystery chars (0xA0) (Boris Zentner)
	- Add new hook pkit_on_error to catch and maybe repair fatal errors
		(Boris Zentner)
	! Simplified and more robust startup (Boris Zentner)
	- Clear missing server section on reload (Boris Zentner)
	- Die if a conversion from one charset to another is not possible.
		Maybe a char is not part of the target charset.
		(Boris Zentner, Gabriel Burca)
	! Add protection of static pages with the require_login config
		attribute. (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix two cases where a filehandle can be used even if open failed
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fix uri_prefix so that the url did not grow anymore (Boris Zentner)
	- Remove unused modules Data::Dumper and Carp from (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix to deliver static pages unzipped if desired (Anton Permyakov)
	- Fix case where wrong cached file is used for xsl files with
		reload="no" and first called without parameters in the
		URL (Boris Zentner, Ben Ausden)
	- Added on-line editing tools
	- Add Postgres support (Chris Hamilton)
        - Add support for page based sessions (Boris Zentner)
        - Add support for localized messages of pkit (Boris Zentner)
        - Add fr message catalog (David Raimbault)
        - Add pt message catalog (Leonardo T. de Carvalho)
        - Add de message catalog (Boris Zentner)
        ! Change default for html_clean_level to 0 (Boris Zentner)
        - Add <PKIT_NOT_ERROR> directive to seperate errors
		from messages (David Christian)
        ! Catch up with new interface in XML::LibXML 1.31 (Anton Berezin)
        - Fix eg/View/(xml|wml|pdf)/simple_page.xsl (Boris Zentner)
        - Add pkit_get_config_attr function to get config options from your
		Config.xml (Boris Zentner, Leonardo T. de Carvalho)
	- Add new <USER> section in Config/Config.xml where your own
		config data takes place (Boris Zentner)
	- Add a optional second argument for pkit_set_errorfont (Boris Zentner)
	- Add new global config option default_errorstr (Boris Zentner)
        - Add new pkit tag <PKIT_ERRORSTR> (Boris Zentner)
        - Fix _load_component to die if we can not read the
        	component file (Anton Permyakov)
        - Add new function pkit_set_errorspan. It replaced pkit_set_errorfont
		which is obsolete and should not be used anymore. (Boris Zentner)
	- Add new pkit tag <PKIT_ERRORSPAN> as replacement for
        	<PKIT_ERRORFONT> (Boris Zentner)
 	- Add new global config option 'errorspan_begin_tag' and
        	'errorspan_end_tag' (Boris Zentner)
	- Add new tags SECTIONS and SECTION for use in Config/Config.xml
        	they allow to set defaults for groups of pages
                (Boris Zentner, Ben Ausden)
        - Fix view tag attribute 'output_media' to the documented
        	'content_type'. Also test the page tag attribute
                'content_type' first. (Boris Zentner)
        - Do not use autovivification for file and dirhandles, to be
        	compatible with perl 5.005 (Boris Zentner)
        - Remove unused attrs from Config.xml View tags (Boris Zentner)
        - Add global config options session_class and page_session_class
        	both defaults to Apache::SessionX (Boris Zentner)
        - Remove XML::Parser and prefer XML::LibXML (Boris Zentner)
        - Replace Apache::PageKit::Session with Apache::SessionX (Boris Zentner)
	- Fix: clear all global config attrs before (re)parsing the
		config (Boris Zentner)
        - Fix case where the DBI connection is terminated in pkit_cleanup_code
        	before the session is written back (Anton Berezin)
        - Remove usage of XML::XPath and XML::Parser in flavor of XML::LibXML
        	this change involves also XML::XPathTemplate (Boris Zentner)
        - Fix: add used Content files to the mtimes hash. (Boris Zentner)
        - Add new global option template_class, to choose the module to process
		our tempaltes. Must be HTML::Template compatible
                for now. (Boris Zentner)
	- Add and document new method $model->pkit_send used to send data or files
        	to the client (Boris Zentner)

	- Fixed language localisation (Boris Zentner)
        - More Warnings fixed (Boris Zentner)
        - Add new parser, it is faster as before and the new option
		relaxed_parser = "yes" enables a more relaxed but slower parser
                if you like (Boris Zentner, Ben Ausden, Daniel Gardner)
        - Fixed default for default_page (Boris Zentner)
        - Append the default_page to the url if url is a directory (Rob Starkey)
        ! New global option logout_kills_session. Defaults to 'yes'.
        	The behavior before this option was no (Rob Falcon)
        - Fixed head requests for gzipped static files (Boris Zentner)
        - Improved security for recent='yes' pages (Boris Zentner)
        - PKIT_COMPONENT macros are also available
        	for XSLT with <xsl:param name="..."> (Ben Ausden)
        ! The return code from pagecode is completely ignored. If you have to set a
		return code use pkit_status_code (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed form_validation_done in the eg/site's MyModel code. (Michael Cook)
        - Fixed restricted page login if the user was not logged
        	in before (Boris Zentner)
        ! Anonymous sessions are created lazy as in pkit <= 1.05 (Boris Zentner)

	- empty parameters are stripped from the requested url
		ie: (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed output_convert to handle calls like
		$model->output_convert(anything => $text) (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed handling of __PACKAGE__ in (Boris Zentner)
        - Add pkit_default hook similar to pkit_common_code, but called after
		pkit_common_code and before the page code is
		executed. (Boris Zentner, Ben Ausden)
	- Add PKIT_MACRO as extension to PKIT_COMPONENT so a component is easy
		reusable (Boris Zentner)
	! Single parameters for PKIT_COMPONENT are no longer supported.
		(see migration/README) (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed session merge from an anonymous to a user that is logged in.
		(Boris Zentner, Leonardo de Carvalho)
	- Fixed pkit_merge_sessions (David Raimbault)
        - Fixed writing and warning of gzipped static pages (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed default for html_clean_level. It is now 9 as documented (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed language localization support (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed default for post_max. It is now 100_000_000 as documented (Boris Zentner)
        - Reenable gzip content it was ignored before. (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed uri handling of where we end in a empty uri instead
		of index (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed usage of Digest::MD5::md5_hex in sub pkit_auth_credential and
		pkit_auth_session_key in (Boris Zentner)
	- Set Default for the server attrs can_edit and reload (Boris Zentner)
	- First attempt to make pkit warning clean (Boris Zentner, David Raimbault)
        - Fix default timeout for 'recent_login_timeout' from unlimited to 3600
		like the Docs say (Boris Zentner)
	- Parse difficult parameters like (Boris Zentner)
        - Add restricted page to the example site (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed setup_session without touch of pkit_merge_session (Boris Zentner)
        - Fixed problem with append of check_cookie (Boris Zentner)
        - Sessions are not lazy anymore (Boris Zentner)

	- <PKIT_COMPONENT NAME="foo"/> now works (Boris Zentner)
	- empty uri_prefix works (Boris Zentner)
	- No more than one cookie is used at all times, pkit_session_id for
		when user is not logged in and has accessed session,
		and pkit_id when user has logged in (session gets
		tied to login)
	! The pkit_done parameter is no longer filled in on HTML forms.
		(see migration/README)
	- Fixed problem with cookie being set when user logged out
		(Rob Falcon)
	- Fixed problem with sessions being created when user logged in
		(David Raimbault)

	- PageKit now uses Data::FormValidator instead of HTML::FormValidator
		(Mark Stosberg)
	- Sessions cookies only set when session is actually created
	- Fixed content handler for case where there is a loop containing
		and document() func, and vars don't contain document() func,
		and no other top-level tags without document() func (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed recent_login session (Boris Zentner, David Raimbault)
	- Added pkit_startup class method (Boris Zentner)
	- Charset fixes, now should deal with PageKit templates
		and default_input_charset correctly.

	- PageKit now supports general charset conversions using Text::Iconv,
		removed workaround for european charsets in XML::XPathTemplate
		(Boris Zentner)
	- PageKit Templates are converted to default_output_charset from
		default_input_charset (Boris Zentner)
	- Added charset translation support with output_charset method in
		Model (Boris Zentner)
	- PageKit Template file cache is now dependant on mtime of Config.xml
	- fixed bug with pkit_lang (Ben Ausden)
	- Added pkit_cleanup_code to main request handler (Boris Zentner)
	- input and pnotes methods in Model now work outside of mod_perl
	- PageKit templates no longer pre-parsed on server startup
	- Multiple input request paramaters now not reset by
		output, since FormValidator doesn't support multiple input
		request params.
	- Fixed errors in pkit_input_hashref and PKIT_ERRORFONT tags
	- make test no longer inclued - instead use perl to
		test example site.
	- Re-added CONTENT_IF/ELSE/UNLESS (Rob Falcon)
	- Updated to reflect new API for XML::LibXML 0.92 - open_uri
		callback is called for parent XML and XSLT documents
	- Included stylesheets should work properly now (PK prepends the
		View/pkit_view directory to the stylesheet URIs)
	- Added examples for output in different media
	- Added pkit_lang method to model - useful for selecting langauge from
	- Sessions only generated with something is written to session
		hash (uses lazy option of Apache::PageKit::Session)
	- Added content_type, supports different media outputs, including
		XML, WML, and PDF
	- Supports on-the-fly generation of PDF using Apache XML FOP
	- Static content is passed through HTML::Clean before it is
		gzipped (Boris Zentner)
	- PageKit Template has now XML-style tags of the form <MODEL_VAR />
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed bug with uri_match
	- Fixed bug with charset conversions in CONTENT_LOOP (Boris Zentner)
	- PageKit now returns gzipped output if Accept-Encoding includes the
		string "zip" (Boris Zentner)
	- PageKit removes all cache files before startup if reload global
		config option is set to "no".
	- Updated Makefile.PL to require lastest version of HTML::FillInForm
	- $uri_with_query now includes uri_prefix (Ben Ausden)
	- PKIT_SELFURL now omits pkit_messages, pkit_error_messages and
		pkit_lang (Ben Ausden)
	- XSL files now located in View/pkit_view directory instead of

	- Got rid of extraneous 'print "hi"' statement in
		(Boris Zentner, Leonardo de Carvalho)

	- fix for split expression for <PKIT_SELFURL> tags (Boris Zentner)
	- eg/View/Default/index.tmpl was missing from the distribution
		(Leonardo de Carvalho)
	- Fixed bug with passing pkit_message when pkit_redirect method
		is called (Ben Ausden)
	- Fixed bug with passing pkit_message when pkit_redirect method
		redirects to a URL with a pkit_login parameter
	- Fixed bug in XML/ where context was not passed
		for CONTENT_LOOP tags.
	- Better language localization support in XML/  Now
		uses algorithm based on XPath's lang() function.

	- Moved most of POD documentation to DocBook, published
	- Renamed <PKIT_*> tags as follows:
	  <PKIT_IF NAME="VIEW:view"> -> <PKIT_VIEW NAME="view">
	- support for relative and absolute names for PKIT_COMPONENT
	- you may now place static HTML files in the pagekit/View/Default
		or View/pkit_view directories.
		If pagekit can not locate the approriate
		template/xml file, it will return declined, but set
		the filepath so that apache returns the files.
	- fixed up static handing with default_page and not_found_page
		(Boris Zentner)
	- Replaced MyPageKit::Common with __PACKAGE__ in
		(Boris Zentner)

	- document() function now works in XML::XPathTemplate
	- logins are redirected to selfurl if there is no pkit_done param
	- merged View/Component and Page directories.
	- $model->input_param -> $model->input, $model->fillinform, $model->pnotes
	- $model->output_param -> $model->output
	- $model->dispatch(class,method,params) now is
		my $class_object = $model->pkit_create(class)
	- authentication code no longer sets $model->input_param('pkit_user')
		and $model->output_param('pkit_user')
	- Fixed warning messages if $^W is turned on
	- Now requires classes if they are not already loaded.  (Boris Zentner)
	- Fixed bug when calling pkit_get_orig_uri from pkit_get_default_page
	- Fixed bug when page_id is not found.
	- Now matches </PKIT_COMPONENT>, </PKIT_VAR>, </MODEL_VAR> tags
		generated by XSLT
	- Fixed bug in for checking for new uploads to $pkit_view
	- Fixed bug in XML::XPathTemplate where queries were converted
		to lowercase. (Boris Zentner)

0.98	Mon May  7 14:37:08 2001 EST
	- Added support for XML::LibXSLT - can now generate
                pages from XML and XSL stylesheets
	- Separated out XML Template code in new module,
	- update last_activity in session for every hit -
		makes sure that recent_login works everytime
		and overcomes the fact that Apache::Session only
		does a shallow check of the hash.
	- Fixed bug with pkit_get_orig_uri
	- Checks for recursive PKIT_COMPONENTS (that is over 100)
	- When user logs out of a page that requires a login,
		goes to default_page instead of login_page
	- Fixed bug with cache when new template was placed in a
		directory when there was already a corresponding template
		in the 'Default' directory
	- Added pkit_cleanup_code hook for Model class (Boris Zentner)
	- Error code rewritten, since using $SIG{__DIE__} does not
		play well with eval, and there were problems with the
		server hanging after a die, when the session wasn't
		properly deleted.  Die's are now trapped using 'eval'.
		Also renamed Apache::PageKit::Error to Apache::ErrorReport
	- pkit_message works when you perform a redirect
		using $model->pkit_redirect
	- Fixed bug with use_template is set to 'no'
	- Fixed bug with XPath queries.
	- Fixed bug with locating only files in Page dir for

0.97	Wed Apr 25 17:07:31 2001 EST
	- Login code has been rewritten.  To attempt a login, the
		pkit_login request parameter must be set.
		The new_credential configuration option is no longer
	- added can_edit to server config section Config.dtd file.
	- Names in <CONTENT_VAR> and <CONTENT_LOOP> tags are
		XPath queries
	- Removed support for navigation bars, since they didn't fit
		in well with the new Content and View modules.  Might
		add them back if there is demand and I can find an
		clean way of doing it (using XPointers in content
		XML file???)
	- Removed support for $model->content_param, since content
		is now compiled into template and it is not possible
		to get or set the tags run time.
	- Automically converts UTF-8 Encoding to latin1 encodeing,
		if Unicode::String is loaded (Yann Kerhervé)
	- fixed bug with pre-parsing content from sub-directories
	- input_param now works with parameters containing multiple values
	- Add $model->pkit_set_errorfont($field), used mark <PKIT_ERRORFONT>
		tags for errors.
	- Added pkit_root method, gets PageKit root directory
	- no longer escape pkit_done
	- works with mod_proxy_add_uri.c apache module, using X-Original-URI
	- Removed PKIT_LOGINOUT_LINK, this tag was
		not necessary and cluttered the API,
		see migration/README for details
	- removed search_engine_headers config option
	- server_id is now passed to startup, solves
		problem with server options not being
		loaded properly at startup.
	- Added pkit_get_session_id
	- Added pkit_fixup_uri method
	- Added request_param_in_tmpl global attribute, which
		supplements request_param_in_tmpl page attribute
	- Added $model->pkit_output_filter, a hook that can
		be used to filter the output
	- Added <PKIT_VAR NAME="HOSTNAME">, which specifies
		current host name.
	- Added $model->pkit_get_server_id - gets server id from
		Config.xml file.
	- Added $model->pkit_get_default_page - put in so that
		it can be overridden in derived model class
	- if cache_dir is not set, default to the PKIT_ROOT/View/cache
		and PKIT_ROOT/Content/cache
	- moved html_clean_level from global section to server section
	- added pkit_post_common_code hook, similar to
		pkit_common_code, but called after page code is
	- Added <CONTENT_(IF|UNLESS|ELSE)> tags.
	- Fixed typo with login/out message.
	- Components can now have content associated with them
		(needs testing)
	- Fixed problems with Content caching when page_id contains
		'/' - content cache files are now determined my using
		a MD5 hash

0.96	Fri Feb 02 04:18:22 2001 EST
	- added $model->pkit_input_hashref method, gets inputs
		(request params) as a reference to hash
	- renamed pkit_set_page_id to pkit_internal_redirect
		easier to remember and naming consistant with
		pkit_redirect method
	- Added installation troubleshooting tips, thanks to
		Chris Burbridge and Nick Wood for helpful pointers
	- Apache::PageKit->handler and startup are now called as
		 class methods
	- example cookies should work even when
		the url is not of the form *
	- fixed error when cookie_domain was not set
	- cookie_domain is now a NMTOKENS field and you can pass
		multiple domains to it, seperated by spaces
	- Added $model->pkit_query method which is a wrapper to
	- Added support for <PKIT_VAR NAME="LAST_CRUMB">
	- Fixed errors with s/cookie_crumb/bread_crumb/
	- Added session_expires to control the expire time for
		the session cookie

0.95	Tue Jan 16 15:12:21 2001 EST
	- Added method $model->pkit_redirect($url)
	- Cache files are now 'chown'ed to the user and group
		specified in the User and Group apache configuration
		directives.  This is because the cache files are
		generated under server startup, which is typically
		run under 'root', but the cache files need to be
		writeable by the Apache children, which run under
		a non-root user.
	- Made the Model base class (MyPageKit::Common) user
		configurable, using the model_bass_class global
		configuration option. This way two or more distinct
		pagekit sites can operate on the same server.
	- Added cache_dir global configuration option that
		allows the administrator to specify the directory
		to store the view and content cache.
	- Fixed Apache::PageKit::Model->dbh so that it calls
		MyPageKit::Common->pkit_dbi_connect if there isn't
		already a database handle.

0.94	Wed Jan 10 02:25:51 2001 EST
	- Replaced derived Apache::PageKit handler module (eg MyPageKit)
		with MyPageKit::Common and Apache::PageKit->handler.
		See migration/README for details.
	- Changed structure of Model to allow for multiple model
		objects, each containing a reference to a common
		$pk object.
	- <PKIT_ERRORFONT name="foo"> bar</PKIT_ERRORFONT> is now
		precompiled to <TMPL_VAR NAME="PKIT_ERRORFONT_BEGIN_foo">
		improved performance.
	- $dbh, $apr, and $session are now accessed from model through
		dbh, apr, and session methods.
	- Added docs on support for dynamically loaded components
		that get specified at runtime using systax like
	- You can now pass a hash reference to set multiple parameters
		for output_param method
	- Removed support for PKIT_INTERNET_EXPLORER and
		PKIT_NETSCAPE tags.  These tags clutter the
		API and are easily implemented in the model.

0.93	Wed Jan 03 01:49:06 2001 EST
	- Fixed documentation in Apache::PageKit::Model,
		where output_param method was listed
		as param.
	- Updated web site with links to
		a browsable repository of source code
		and more documentation.
	- Fixed problem with make test, with language
		cache files conflicting b/c of different
		default languages in test.

0.92	Sun Dec 31 21:32:30 2000 EST
	- Rewrote Model class so that Model classes are
		standalone and not dependent on the PageKit
		* functions in Model now get called
			as methods of derived Model class
		* inputs and outputs are now accessed
			by $model->input_param and 
			$model->output_param instead of
			$apr->param and $view->param
		* $pk->redirect is no longer available
		* $pk->continue no longer available, use
			$model->pkit_set_page_id instead
		* $pk->message moved to $model->pkit_message
		* page and component_dispatch_prefix replaced
			by model_dispatch_prefix
	- XML and template files are now parsed by calling
		Apache::PageKit::startup function.  Should fix
		problems when PageKit is used inside a
		<Directory>, <Location> or <Files> section.
	- Fixed bug with not getting fill_in_form configuration
		setting in
	- Fixed bugs with language localization and session
	- Improved language localization example on
		web site

0.91  Tue Dec 26 04:05:56 2000 EST
	- Changed name of page_id_match configuration directive to
	- Fixed some permission problems when 'make test' is run
		as root.

0.90  Sun Dec 24 01:26:18 2000 EST
	- Major changes in API and streamlining of pagekit
		in preparation for 1.0 beta release.  
	- Removed seldom used options and replaced others with
		more user-friendly versions.
	- Renamed Controller directory to Config directory
	- Renamed <TMPL_VAR> and <TMPL_LOOP> tags to
		<MODEL_VAR> and <MODEL_LOOP> for Model Data and
		<CONTENT_VAR> and <CONTENT_LOOP> for Content Data and
		<PKIT_VAR> and <PKIT_LOOP> for PageKit Data
	- Renamed <PKIT_INCLUDE> to <PKIT_COMPONENT> and replaced
		'include' with 'component' across the framework
	- Moved and renamed nav_title option from config to 
		<NAV_TITLE> </NAV_TITLE> in content XML for
		better foreign language support.
	- Renamed Apache::PageKit::FormValidator to Apache::PageKit::Model
		and redesigned class to replace form_validator
		constructor option with $model->validate_input($hash_ref)
		method.  Eliminated error_page and error_page_run_code
		options (user should use $pk->continue
		in model instead).  This should make the development
		easier because all the logic is in the Model class instead
		being scattered across the derived class and configuration.
	- View templates get pre-parsed using file_cache/cache option of
		HTML::Template, and the HTML can be optimized by
		using HTML::Clean if html_clean_level is set to >=1
	- Changed template_cache option to use yes for cache
		in HTML::Template and no for file_cache.
		Got rid of shared_cache, since it is problematic
		and file_cache is almost as fast.
	- Moved fill_in_form to page attr from global attr
	- Removed support for domains, including page_domain,
		domain, is_topdomain attributes.
	- Removed page based linking attributes, including
		support for <PKIT_LINK> and <PKIT_JAVASCRIPT> tags and
		is_popup, is_secure, popup_width, and popup_height.

0.89  Sun Dec  3 18:27:11 2000 EST
	- Major changes in API, leading up to 0.9 pre-beta and 1.0 beta release
	- Created Apache::PageKit::Config, for configuration directives,
		replacing Apache::PageKit::Info
	- Created Apache::PageKit::Content, for XML content
	- Created content XML files for separation of
		content from presentation
	- Reorganized files into Model/View/Content/Controller
	- Rewrote site to use DBD::Sprite and Apache::Session::File
		instead of MySQL, so could include in test suite without
		requiring MySQL
	- Used Apache::Test in test suite to test working copy of
		web site.

0.05  Tue Oct 31 14:12:00 2000 EST
	- Added support for language localization
	- No longer require that entry in page.xml exist for all pages
	- Replaced View and Module templates with Include templates
		view parameter in page.xml is no longer used
	- Renamed ModuleCode to IncludeCode
	- Added $pk->redirect method
	- Added $pk->continue method

0.04  Tue Aug 29 13:12:53 2000 EST
        - Added support for <TMPL_LOOP> XML tag
        - modified to use <TMPL_LOOP>

0.03  Tue Aug 29 00:13:33 2000 EST
        - Replaced use of Apache::Session with adaption of

0.02  Mon Aug 28 18:44:15 2000 EST
	- Added XML Support for attributes and <TMPL_VAR> Elements

0.01  Thu Aug 24 16:30:34 2000 EST
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-X -n Apache::PageKit