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Revision history for Perl extension Apache::Recorder.

0.07 Sun Oct 13, 1:00:00 2002
        - Changed the PREREQ_PM value for the CGI::Cookie key to 1.21.
	  CGI::Cookie 1.18 has a bug in the parse method -- unescape
	  is erroneously attributed to CGI, rather than CGI::Util,
	  and this was causing one of the tests in t/get_id.t to fail.
	- Updated the description in to include a more
	  generic statement of what Apache::Recorder does.

0.06 Thu Jul 18 16:30:00 2002
        - updated README
	- update POD for Mock::Apache::Request
        - Added PREREQ_PM to Makefile.PL to ensure that all necessary
	  modules get installed.

0.05 Tue Jul 16 12:08:00 2002
        - added 20 new tests and a new mock class which emulates Apache::Request.
	- minor optimizations to the handler, and removed some cruft.
	- improved the documentation.
	- added a call to $r->no_cache(1) to turn off cacheing for all but the most
	  agressive proxy server and browser settings.

0.04 Mon Mar 01 11:33:00 2002
        - still referenced HTTP::TestEngine, which caused installation 
	  to die during cpan-testing.

0.03 Wed Feb 27 14:02:00 2002
        - changed name of HTTP::TestEngine to Apache::Recorder
        - changed name of HTTP::SessionConfig to HTTP::RecordedSession, and 
	  moved into its own package

0.02  Thu Jan 22 10:08:00 2002
        - updated documentation
	- added use Apache::Log
	- updated directory organization during install
	- added 4 tests to to check for required libraries
	- fixed bug which returned no data if not part of a series of 
	  chained handlers

0.01  Mon Nov  5 06:56:41 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19