Revision history for Perl extension Apache::RequestNotes.

0.01  Tue Mar 14 09:22:17 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19
        - many kudos and gratitude to those who offered
          their suggestions and improvements prior to
          the first release:
            Matt Sergeant
            G.W. Haywood
            Christian Gilmore
            Philippe M. Chiasson
            Tobias Hoellrich
            Ken Y. Clark

0.02  3.15.2000
	- extended interface to return a reference to 
          an Apache::Table object for $input.  This allows
          for multi-keyed form data.
          thanks to Doug MacEachern and Matt Sergeant for
          their tips and efforts.
        - replaced pnotes('PARSE_ERROR') with 
        - updated pod

0.03  4.19.2000
        - only add COOKIES pnotes if there are cookies to add
        - changed parsing error log message to error from warn
        - minor pod changes

0.04  05.04.2000
        - added Apache::Upload array to $r->pnotes('UPLOADS')
          thanks to Kip Cranford for extensive testing
        - added DisableUploads directive
        - pod changes to reflect new functionality
        - documented $Apache::RequestNotes:err
        - moved cookie parsing to before form data parsing
          so cookie data will be available even if the form
          data runs into trouble
        - documented that RequestNotes can run in phases other
          than init
        - documented that using RequestNotes then trying to 
          use Apache::Request or to get to POSTed data
          is both redundant and problematic.

0.05  05.15.2000
        - updated README to be consistent with perldoc (whoops)
        - corrected installation to install to a versioned
          directory (whoops)

0.06  12.27.2000
        - changed Apache::Request->new() call to instance()
        - documented availability of Apache::Request->instance() 
        - initialized Apache::RequestNotes::err properly
        - minor pod changes