05 May 2022 - version 4.1

	- Fix a warning in log produced by an unitialized value.

11 May 2020 - version 4.0

	- Update documentation to describe install with Apache 2.4 on distributions
	  based on RPM packages (RedHat/CentOs) and debian packages (Debian/Ubuntu).

28 Jul 2013 - Version 3.6

	- Make replace pattern an evalable expression so that you can use $1 in
	  replacement pattern with ProxyHTMLRewrite. Thanks to Roberto Majadas
	  for the report.
	- Update documentation about AddHandler vs SetHandler to avoid error
	  "Attempt to serve directory", with SetHandler DirectoryIndex is not
	  working any more. Thanks to Brad Robertson for the report.
	- Add PerlAddVar before examples in documentation.
	- Add new directive ProxyHtmlExcludeUri to allow URIs to be excluded
	  from any rewritting. This is to be used to fix some weird replacements
	  in javascript library. Thanks to Brad Robertson for the report.

11 Dec 2012 - Version 3.5

	- Fix documentation about ProxyHTMLContentType, PerlAddVar was missing.
	  Thanks to cepelessar for the report.
	- Allow rewrite of Referer value into the HTTP header. Thanks to snadal
	  for the feature request.

15 Aug 2012 - Version 3.4

	- Add support of space characters in ProxyHTMLURLMap an ProxyHTMLRewrite
	  pattern definition. The issue reported by Steffen Rheinhold occurs
	  when you want to rewrite some HTML code with space character in it.
	  As space is the separator character used between the search pattern
	  and the string to substitute. For exemple writing such a replacement:

		PerlAddVar ProxyHTMLRewrite "ajaxurl[\t\s]+=[\t\s]+'/blog' ajaxurl = '/www2.domain.org/blog'" 

	  is now fully supported, before it should break after the first space
	  of the replacement string and using '\s' in this replacement string
	  will not solve the problem as it still write 's' instead of a space. 

25 Jun 2012 - Version 3.3

	- Fix corruption of openxml MS Office document (docx, dotx, potx, ppsx,
	  pptx, xlsx and xltx). Thanks to Stefano Colanzi for the report.
	- Add new directive ProxyHTMLExcludeContentType with default value to
	  regex: (application\/vnd\.openxml) to fix the previous issue and let
	  users customize the content-type exclusion regex.
	- Add development code to github.com new repository:

21 Dec 2011 - Version 3.2

	- Fix new major issue during inflate/deflate compressed http content
	  introduced in last release. Thanks to Claude Durocher and Eduardo
	  Paez Trujillo for the report.
	- Add debug messages in verbose mode to trace link substitutions in
	  refresh header and http content. Code with inflate/deflate calls will
	  also be logged.
	- Replace call to the warn log method by method Apache2::ServerRec::warn
	  to add timestamp to verbose trace.

Note that you can always use: RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding
to disable the use of compressed HTTP on remote server side.

14 Dec 2011 - Version 3.1

	- Fix major bug in inflate/deflate compressed http content. It appears
	  when ModProxyPerlHTML try to uncompressed a gzip file with multiple
	  file and result in compressed archive corruption. Thanks to Eduardo
	  Paez Trujillo for the report.
	- Add support for XML content-type to be rewritten. Thanks to Claude
	  Durocher for the report.
	- Add an Apache2/Mod_perl configuration directive to allow user defined
	  content type. See ProxyHTMLContentType configuration directive, with
	  default value to actual parsed content-type.
	- Modify documentation to refect change.
	- Add support to HTML5 'formaction' new attribute on input and button

11 Nov 2010 - version 3.0

	- Add support to refresh in HTTP header. Thanks to Peter Stubbs
	for the feature request.
	- Documentation reviewed.
	- Creation of a dedicated site at http://modproxyhtml.darold.net/
	- The major release version is just to mark the creation of the web
	site, there's no major change, old Apache is fully compatible.

10 Aug 2009 - version 2.6

	- Fix handling of bad javascript content type. Some site use to
	mark javascript as text/javascript. Thanks to Guillaume REHM for
	the patch.
	- Fix META.yml that was still marked in v2.1.

24 Nov 2008 - version 2.5

	- Fix parsing/replacement of javascript Object.src='/URL/...'
	Thanks to Edward Quick for the report.
	- Fix detection of javascript file with different Content-type
	header name. Thanks to Edward Quick for the report.
	- Modify documentation to simplify Apache configuration and
	add a tips on JS code.

17 Jun 2008 - version 2.4

	- Add 'on the fly' code rewrite capability. See ProxyHTMLRewrite
	Perl Apache variable in README file. Usefull if you want for example
	to rename the filename of an image or anything else.
	- Move project to CPAN.

30 Apr 2008 - version 2.3

	- Fix parsing/replacement of CSS url called without quote, ex:
	<@import url(http://server/file.css);>.
	Thanks to Arthur LUTZ for the report.

23 May 2007 - version 2.2

	- Fix parsing of javascript code using escaped quote.
	ex: window.open(&quot;http://www.mydomain.com&quot;);
	Thanks to Viesturs Ducens for the report.

20 Mar 2007 - Version 2.1

	- Fix meta refresh parsing
	- Fix misshandling of ProxyHTMLVerbose value
	- Fix base href replacement using fully qualified URL
	- Now support Http compression.

   Many thanks to Rob Janssen for bugs fix and great reports.

02 Dec 2005 - Version 2.0

	- Complete link parser rewrite.
	- First stable/production version with Freshmeat annoucement.

15 Oct 2005 - Version 1.0

	- First shoot. May not support all kind of HTML writer.
	- Testing only.