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App::CLI - Dispatcher module for command line interface programs


    package MyApp;
    use base 'App::CLI';        # the DISPATCHER of your App
                                # it's not necessary to put the dispatcher
                                # on the top level of your App

    package main;

    MyApp->dispatch;            # call the dispatcher where you want

    package MyApp::List;
    use base qw(App::CLI::Command); # any (SUB)COMMAND of your App

    use constant options => (
        "h|help"   => "help",
        "verbose"  => "verbose",
        'n|name=s'  => 'name',

    use constant subcommands => qw(User Nickname type); # if you want subcommands
                                                        # automatically dispatch to subcommands
                                                        # when invoke $ myapp list [user|nickname|--type]
                                                        # note 'type' is not capitalized
                                                        # it is a deprecated subcommand

    sub run {
        my ($self, @args) = @_;

        print "verbose" if $self->{verbose};
        my $name = $self->{name}; # get arg following long option --name

        if ($self->{help}) {
            # if $ myapp list --help or $ myapp list -h
            # only output PODs
        } else {
            # do something when invoking $ myapp list
            # without subcommand and --help

    package MyApp::List::User;
    use base qw(App::CLI::Command);
    use constant options => (
        "h|help"  =>  "help",

    sub run {
        my ($self,@args) = @_;
        # code for listing user

    pakcage MyApp::List::Nickname;
    use base qw(App::CLI::Command);
    use constant options => (
        "sort=s"  =>  "sort",

    sub run {
        my ($self,@args) = @_;
        # code for listing nickname

    package MyApp::List::type;   # old genre of subcommand could not cascade infinitely
    use base qw(MyApp::List);    # should inherit its parent's command

    sub run {
        my ($self, @args);
        # run to here when invoking $ myapp list --type

    package MyApp::Help;
    use base 'App::CLI::Command::Help';

    use constant options => (
        'verbose' => 'verbose',

    sub run {
        my ($self, @arg) = @_;
        # do something
        $self->SUPER(@_); # App::CLI::Command::Help would output POD of each command


App::CLI dispatches CLI (command line interface) based commands into command classes. It also supports subcommand and per-command options.


get_opt([@config], %opt_map)

Give options map, processed by Getopt::Long::Parser.


Interface of dispatcher


Find the name of the package implementing the requested command.

The command is first searched for in alias. If the alias exists and points to a package name starting with the + sign, then that package name (minus the + sign) is returned. This makes it possible to map commands to arbitrary packages.

Otherwise, the package is searched for in the result of calling commands, and a package name is constructed by upper-casing the first character of the command name, and appending it to the package name of the app itself.

If both of these fail, and the command does not map to any package name, undef is returned instead.

get_cmd($cmd, @arg)

Return subcommand of first level via $ARGV[0].



  • Chia-liang Kao <>

  • Alex Vandiver <>

  • Yo-An Lin <>

  • Shelling <>

  • Paul Cochrane <> (current maintainer)


The following people have contributed patches to the project:

  • José Joaquín Atria <>

  • sunnavy <>

  • Ildar Shaimordanov <>


Copyright 2005-2010 by Chia-liang Kao <>. Copyright 2010 by Yo-An Lin <> and Shelling <>. Copyright 2017-2018 by Paul Cochrane <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.