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Thanks for considering contributing to App::Env::Login.  As
contributers to other projects, we understand and appreciate the
effort it takes to make a contribution.

These guidelines are meant to ensure that your work will be
efficiently merged.  Just as we appreciate the effort you put in, and
hope to minimize it, please also understand that these guidelines
minimize the amount of effort we need to incorporate your work.  If
there's something that you think could improve the workflow, please let us know.

What to Contribute?

Very welcome:

* Documentation
* Tests
* New functionality
* Typos.
* Fixing bugs

Things that might take some convincing:

* Functionality that's too far from the core purpose of
  this code
* Invasive changes to make things work with older versions of Perl
  (non-invasive changes are welcome!)

Where's the Code?

The primary repository for this code is on BitBucket:

>  []()

For those who prefer GitHub, the repo is mirrored there:

>  []()

Contribution Guidelines

* Courtesy is always rewarded. Courtesy is expected from contributers
  and project members.

* Code should be as cross platform as possible. Please use core
  facilities whenever possible, unless the project already uses a
  non-core module which provides better interface or functionality

* Add only necessary dependencies.

* Please communicate via the request tracker prior to making major changes.  There may be
  competing interests that need to be accomodated.

* Keep commits small and targeted.  It is much easier to review and
  understand them.

* Add tests.

Support Questions

Please send support questions to

Bug Reports

Please submit a short, self contained, correct
example (see []()) to

>  []()

Please be sure to indicate which version of Perl you are using, and
the version of App::Env::Login.

Requests for Enhancement

Please use the request tracker at

>  []()

Submitting Fixes and Enhancements

If the enhancement is significant, or would require substantial code
change, please begin the conversation by filing a notice of what you'd
like to do using the request tracker at

>  []()

Whenever possible, please submit patches or pull requests against
the latest version of the code in the code repository.  Patches
should be submitted to the request tracker at

Pull requests may be made at either the BitBucket

>  []()

or GitHub

>  []()


If you're new to pull requests, here are a few resources:

>  []()
>  []()
>  []()

Need more information?

Please email if something needs clarification?

Not Getting Any Response?

If you don't receive a response in a reasonable timeframe, please send
an email to  It's quite possible that your original
communication was somehow lost.