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Revision history for App-File-Grepper

1.02	2022-10-03

	Fix problem with case insensitivity and regexp.

	Improve debugging.

1.01	2021-07-21

	Make the default exclusion pattern less picky, so that
	files starting with ./ and ../ are no longer excluded.

	Improve debugging.

1.00	2016-08-29
	Eliminate obsoleted File::Find option chdir.

0.07	2013-05-14
	(script) UTF-8 decode pattern.

0.06	2012-10-04
	Require Encode (for older perls).

0.05	2012-10-02
	Add --view option.

0.04    2012-04-30
        Document afg utility.

0.03    2012-04-30
        Few fixes and documentation enhancements.

0.02    2012-04-30
        Few fixes and enhancements.
	First CPAN release.

0.01    2012-04-28
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.