Revision history for App-GitHooks

v1.9.0  2017-03-19
        - Added min_app_githooks_version config option to allow enforcing a
          minimum version of App::GitHooks against a repository (GH-28). Thank
          you, Lisa Hare!
        - Added GITHOOKS_SKIP and GITHOOKS_DISABLE environment variables to
          hard-skip specific hooks (GH-6). Thank you, E. Choroba!

v1.8.0  2016-05-21
        - Switched to Test::Requires::Git instead of the now obsolete
          Test::Git::has_git(). Thank you, Philippe Bruhat!
        - Added App::GitHooks->get_remote_name() to get the name of the
        - Fixed typo in documentation. Thank you, Yanick Champoux!
        - Relicensed under Perl 5 terms.

v1.7.3  2015-06-22
        - Removed relative path include in ./bin/githooks (GH-25).
        - Minor code and documentation cleanup.

v1.7.2  2015-04-08
        - Retrieve stdin at the hook level for pre-push.
        - Catch plugin exceptions.

v1.7.1  2015-04-07
        - Added pre-push hook file to the hooks directory (GH-22).

v1.7.0  2015-04-06
        - Implemented support for pre-push hook (GH-22).

v1.6.1  2015-03-31
        - Fixed test that prevented upgrading App::GitHooks in situations where
          plugins were already installed and returned a different value than
          expected in the test.

v1.6.0  2015-03-30
        - Added App::GitHooks::Test::ok_reset_githooksrc() to ensure that tests
          can run without interference.
        - Refactored tests to use ok_reset_githooksrc().
        - Added .githooksrc to manage App::GitHooks' commits with App::GitHooks
        - Implement support for warnings in the pre-commit hook (GH-13).

v1.5.1  2015-03-29
        - Account for git-commit trimming whitespace in commit messages

v1.5.0  2015-03-29
        - Rename App::GitHooks::Utils::get_ticket_id() to
          App::GitHooks::Utils::get_ticket_id_from_commit_regex() and fix the
          function to match its documentation (GH-19).

v1.4.0  2015-03-27
        - Implement "force_plugins" configuration option (GH-18).

v1.3.0  2015-03-25
        - Add "list" command to "githooks" to display available plugins for
          each git hook (GH-8).

v1.2.1  2015-03-23
        - Replace File::Slurp with Path::Tiny (GH-17).
        - Improve and clean up tests.
        - Improve and clean up documentation.
        - Make constants read-only.

v1.2.0  2015-01-21
        - Fix running git actions with an underscore in their name and that are
          using the default App::GitHooks::Hook->run() (GH-15). Thank you,
          Jacob Maurer!

v1.1.5  2014-09-06
        - Fix documentation typos.

v1.1.4  2014-08-22
        - Added missing "autodie" pre-requisite.

v1.1.3  2014-08-16
        - Documented the new "githooks" command and simplified the synopsis.

v1.1.2  2014-08-13
        - Require Test::Compile v1.1.0 to use its object-oriented interface.

v1.1.1  2014-08-11
        - Amended tests to use the current Perl to instantiate "githooks".

v1.1.0  2014-08-10
        - Added "githooks" command line utility to set up in git repositories
          all the hooks supported by App::GitHooks.

v1.0.8  2014-06-11
        - Forced encoding only when utf8 characters are to be printed (part 2).

v1.0.7  2014-06-07
        - Forced encoding only when utf8 characters are to be printed.
        - Added screenshots of App::GitHooks in action.
        - Improved information in readme file.
        - Fixed interpreter line in examples and hooks/.
        - Noted the git version in tests to help troubleshooting.

v1.0.6  2014-06-03
        - Bumped git requirement to v1.7.4.1.
        - Documented git requirement.

v1.0.5  2014-06-02
        - Synced manifest.

v1.0.4  2014-06-02
        - Added git v1.5.0 as a requirement for the tests.

v1.0.3  2014-06-01
        - Fixed test coverage when using 'cover' instead of 'prove'.

v1.0.2  2014-05-31
        - Fixed prerequisites.

v1.0.1  2014-05-31
        - Tweaked POD formatting.
        - Instantiated a new Git::Repository object on demand only to help with
          unit testing.

v1.0.0  2014-05-30
        - Public release.