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Revision history for Perl extension App-Greple-update

1.03 2024-02-15T01:27:53Z

    - do not use "--all 0" to avoid empty file update

1.02 2024-01-09T01:35:59Z

    - update internal option name to cope with the latest Getopt::Long

1.01 2023-10-03T09:28:41Z

    - introduce --update::discard, --discard option

1.00 2023-10-03T02:48:13Z

    - use --no-new-line option to dump file content

0.03 2022-09-14T10:16:38Z

    - correct typo
    - add test code

0.02 2022-09-12T04:35:28Z

    - introduce --update::{diff,create,update} option to avoid conflict with other modules.

0.01 2022-09-10T01:58:40Z

    - spun off from App::Greple::subst