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Revision history for Perl application 'greple'.

9.1301 2024-05-22T01:40:59Z

    - requires perl v5.18.2

9.13 2024-05-21T08:07:49Z

    - allow Extended Bracketed Character Classes (?[...]) in the pattern

9.12 2024-03-26T15:45:27Z

    - update --face option to reset current colormaps

9.1101 2024-03-10T06:13:21Z

    - include total length in stat information

9.11 2024-03-06T08:39:18Z

    - deprecate --conceal option
    - skip some test on perl v5.14 because :lvalue sub does not work somehow

9.10 2023-12-22T02:08:08Z

    - remove --git-color-blame from -Mcolors
    - use Getopt::EX@2.1.6 to deal with the latest Getopt::Long
    - "-Mline" allows line numbers to be specified immediately after
    - make --all option can be cancelled

9.0902 2023-11-20T10:23:55Z

    - fix bug of --must pattern used with --need option

9.0901 2023-11-18T05:41:58Z

    - update all codes using "keys @array" syntax
    - update option handling code
    - skip test on v5.14, because of :lvalue function error
    - no functional change

9.09 2023-10-26T09:32:29Z

    - fix bug of "--not" stop to use the first arg as a pattern
      * this bug was introduced by "8.5202 2021-12-09T02:09:44Z"
    - make "--may" optional pattern same as "--not"

9.08 2023-09-16T04:33:12Z

    - Update -Mline module
      * implement --offload option
    - Update -Mdig module
      * skip node_modules
      * skip "tif" file

9.07 2023-06-07T12:14:28Z

    - Allows multiple --callback functions.
      They are applied in order and cyclically.

9.06 2023-05-09T02:42:55Z

    - Introduce --capture-group (-G) option
    - Make -E alias for --re option

9.05 2023-04-24T09:37:00Z

    - Update -Mselect module
      * enable multi-line mode and introduce --select-longer option
    - Update -Mdig module
      * update minimized file pattern

9.04 2023-03-30T08:40:34Z

    - Fix --select option behavior:
      * takes line number, rather than pattern number

9.03 2023-03-29T11:54:52Z

    - Fix option -f behavior:
      * do not treat space specially
      * enclose each pattern in (?^m: ... ) to reset

9.02 2023-02-02T13:19:13Z

    - Introduce --postgrep option.

9.0101 2023-02-01T11:20:43Z

    - Fix a bug of handling empty block for -Mxlate module.

9.01 2023-01-29T04:59:38Z

    - Release 9.01

9.00_03 2023-01-27T05:19:34Z

    - Require Getopt::EX@2.1.2
    - Update -Mperl module

9.00_02 2022-12-26T09:48:38Z

    - Introduce --colorsub/--cs option

9.00_01 2022-12-25T11:39:02Z

    - Now `?' means optional keyword in the --le pattern
    - Option --may was introduced
    - Option --or was deprecated

8.60 2022-12-21T08:42:41Z

    - Mainly document update.
    - Possiblly the final release of Version 8.

8.59 2022-11-22T08:56:56Z

    - Deprecate --require option.

8.58 2022-06-15T11:21:50Z

    - Deprecate --conceal option.
    - Improve command option description.
    - Add SJIS test.

8.5702 2022-03-27T01:32:48Z

    - Fix a bug of reading non-utf8 files.

8.5701 2022-03-22T00:10:35Z

    - Add --git-r option in -Mdig to recurse submodules.

8.57 2022-02-28T02:11:13Z

    - Now TEXT color does not affect FILE and LINE color.
    - Introduce --join-blocks option.

8.5602 2022-02-25T00:32:39Z

    - Change filter debug flag to -dF.

8.5601 2022-02-12T15:49:01Z

    - Go back to Minilla.

8.56  2022-02-12 17:47:41 JST

    - Switch from Minilla to Milla.

8.5501 2022-01-31T00:48:06Z

    - Fix --all option bug.
    - Make -o does not affect to --block/--border behavior.

8.55 2022-01-29T23:36:00Z

    - Make --block option works with --all and -o option.

8.54 2022-01-29T04:26:00Z

    - Make --blockend option to specify string w/o newline.
    - Accept file "-" as a STDIN.
    - Make --face not to change colorspec if already effective.

8.53 2021-12-13T13:12:47Z

    - Functional --cm sub{...} works even if --nocolor option given.

8.5205 2021-12-12T23:48:57Z

    - Make t/11_block.t not to fail by TODO guard.
    - Simplify handling shorter block algorithm.

8.5204 2021-12-10T03:40:49Z

    - Additional fix for shorter block.

8.5203 2021-12-10T00:18:07Z

    - Update --le pattern option handling to keep order.
    - Fix bug with shorter block and add test code.

8.5202 2021-12-09T02:09:44Z

    - Enable m-modifier for --border pattern.
    - Update pattern option handling to keep order.

8.5201 2021-12-07T05:15:51Z

    - Add .tar.gz as an archive in -Mdig.

8.52 2021-11-24T07:12:13Z

    - Update result output algorithm, and runs about 30 times faster
      in the best case.

8.51 2021-11-22T23:20:07Z

    - Now --uc option does not imply case-insensitive color selection.
      Use --uniqsub in that case.

8.50 2021-11-03T10:25:11Z

    - Update --matchcount option behavior.

    Now --matchcount=3 means exact three, not a minumum.
    Takes multiple ranges: --matchcount=,10,20,30,40

8.49 2021-11-03T01:24:59Z

    - Update test
    - Fix a bug of --inside/outside option joining matched area.
    - Use Getopt::EX@v1.26.0 and update document for colorspec.
    - Add --git-color-blame in -Mcolors.

8.48 2021-10-20T08:58:25Z

    - Use NO_COLOR for test.
    - Update --face handling to use ^ (reset) mark.
    - Introduce --uniqsub option.
    - Add solarized color in -Mcolors.

8.47 2021-09-29T08:35:10Z

    - Require Getopt::EX to v1.25 to support NO_COLOR and COLORTERM env.

8.4601 2021-07-05T13:41:05Z

    - Make --Mselect module work more precisely.

8.46 2021-07-02T03:22:51Z

    - Interpret "\n" in format string.
    - Allow --begin function to die to skip the file.
    - Introduce -Mselect module.
    - Make -m option to take more than two params.

8.45 2021-06-11T14:10:38Z

    - Replace --persist/--conceal option by --error/--warn.
    - Introduce -x option as an alias for --le.
    - Update --git option interface in -Mdig module.

8.4401 2021-06-05T16:18:38Z

    - Fix --persist STDOUT mode bug.
    - Update
    - Add persist data in -ds stat information.

8.44 2021-06-04T09:56:35Z

    - Add PROGRESS color for -dfn option.
    - Add --alert option and function for processing large file.
    - Update and add --git option.
    - Fix bug around read-error message handling.

8.4301 2021-04-24T02:37:35Z

    [ -dfn related update ]
    - Use STDERR->printflush for status update.
    - Use VT100 ESC 7/8 save/restore cursor sequence.

8.43 2021-04-04T02:28:49Z

    - Update to include generic &filter_regions.

8.4201 2021-03-25T09:25:54Z

    - Require Getopt::EX 1.22.1 for -Mline module to work.
    - Add test codes for -Mline module.
    - Use GREPLE_NORC environment to dislable loading ~/.greplerc.

8.42 2021-01-26T03:21:18Z

    - Introduce --exit option.

8.4101 2021-01-12T07:01:14Z

    - Fixed bug of -ABC sometimes not to work with --block option.

8.41 2020-12-30T04:30:24Z

    - Add S parameter to --colorindex option.

8.4005 2020-08-29T08:55:18Z

    - Show complete module/file names in usage.

8.4004 2020-07-06T00:22:18Z

    - Eliminate indirect object call.
    - Update document.

8.4003 2020-06-18T15:45:23Z

    - Don't print blockend mark with --all option.

8.4002 2020-06-16T15:46:30Z

    - Now --need 0 compromises even required patterns.

8.4001 2020-05-16T03:15:19Z

    - Change required function notation to "--le +&sub".

8.40 2020-05-15T15:35:27Z

    - Add "--le &+sub" notation for required function pattern.

8.3902 2020-04-27T04:04:40Z

    - Use Getopt::EX BASECLASS to search module document.

8.3901 2020-04-26T07:45:17Z

    - Fix --select bug.

8.39 2020-04-13T09:27:49Z

    - Add Getopt::EX in BASECLASS.
    - Update document in
    - Update
    - Hack to print utf8 string in debug print.
    - Use 000 for default foreground color rather than K.
    - Option --path produced extra newline (fixed).
    - Add manual section for installation.

8.3801 2019-11-28T10:25:51Z

    - Make --no-regioncolor to cancel default automatic action.

8.38 2019-11-21T07:11:46Z

    - Remove -Msubst module.

8.37 2019-11-21T06:59:34Z

    - Make --print function not to receive region information.
    - Implement --callback option.
    - Describe --ci=N can reset the behavior.

8.36 2019-11-15T03:33:37Z

    - Implement call-back function returned by --le &funciton.

8.35 2019-11-04T11:12:56Z

    - Implement --select option works with -f option.

8.3402 2019-11-02T00:05:53Z

    - Make --icode=binary option to work.

8.3401 2019-09-18T11:51:09Z

    - Put t/09_filter.t test in TODO block.

    "--if" test failes becuase the command produces empty result.
    This works fine on local machine, and don't know why failes
    on test machines.

8.34 2019-09-17T09:22:36Z

    - Use continuous \R (linebreak) as paragraph delimitter.

8.3306 2019-09-11T02:11:49Z

    - Oops!  Fixed typo.

8.3305 2019-08-22T08:55:38Z

    - Set default IO to utf8 and minor fixes.

8.3304 2019-02-23T02:23:09Z

    - Update for Getopt::EX 24bit color interface change.

8.3303 2019-02-14T02:14:50Z

    - Fix bug of LINE/FILE format with --nocolor option.
    - Accept \t in --format option.

8.3302 2019-01-21T09:43:00Z

    - Introduce -dn option.
    - Update -Mline module.
    - Fix some bugs.

8.3301 2019-01-15T04:23:51Z

    - Fix trivial bug to seach "\z" and misc udpate.

8.33 2019-01-14T07:46:39Z

    - Introduce --border option with new algorithm.

    Record separation strategy was completely reimplemented, and the
    performance was significantly improved.  Sometimes almost 100
    times faster.  This is due to the implementation of perl.
    Indexing in the large text using internal multi-byte character
    representation is terribly slow.

8.3206 2018-12-27T06:45:02Z

    - Requires 'Getopt::EX', 'v1.13.1'

8.3205 2018-12-20T08:27:04Z

    - Update to use Getopt::EX::Func::callable().

8.3204 2018-12-19T05:38:00Z

    - Discard and use Getopt::EX::Numbers module.

8.3203 2018-12-18T07:42:00Z

    - Bug fix in (again).

8.3202 2018-12-18T02:41:07Z

    - Bug fix in

8.3201 2018-12-17T11:38:08Z

    - Update lib/ and lib/

8.31 2018-10-14T03:01:31Z

    - Update for Getopt::EX::Colormap color spec change.

8.30 2018-09-06T13:42:17Z

    - Fix behavior of -c option.
    - Introduce --matchcount option.

8.2901 2018-08-16T05:40:16Z

    - Support https: as well as http:

8.29 2018-08-03T23:41:24Z

    - Deprecate --seqcolor and introduce --colorindex option.

8.2801 2018-08-02T02:26:37Z

    - Fix bug in

8.27 2018-07-22T15:30:44Z

    - Introduce --seqcolor, --sc option.

8.26 2018-06-26T06:24:12Z

    - Pass filename to filter functions.

8.2502 2018-06-25T08:24:14Z

    - Decode utf8 file name from stdin.

8.2501 2018-06-24T06:41:36Z

    - Print matched count when -c is used with -l option.
    - Add -do for default debug info.
    - Use -ml option with perldoc to print module path.

8.24 2018-06-10T02:20:36Z

    - Update -Mdebug module.
    - Implement --stat option in -Msubst module.
    - Add no_ignore_case option to Getopt::Long.
    - Modify -Mdig spec to accept multiple directories and find option.
    - Option --dm with --uc prints hit count of patterns.

8.2306 2018-04-11T01:39:31Z

    - Fixed bug in

    Produced wrong result when required pattern matches,
    and positive pattern does not match.

8.2305 2018-03-19T00:32:34Z

    - Fixed bug in --face option handling.

8.2304 2018-03-18T15:23:23Z

    - Better optimization for inadequate match.

8.2303 2018-03-14T04:30:52Z

    - Fixed bug in zero-match optimization.

8.2302 2018-01-23T10:51:23Z

    - Push current directory to @INC for test.

8.2301 2018-01-21T09:44:27Z

    - Make --man option to work when found.

8.23 2018-01-20T09:37:11Z

    - Implement --format option.
    - Document update.
    - Update to accept multiple directory.

8.2202 2018-01-18T10:45:36Z

    - Fix the bug about look-behind pattern. (Fix #7)
    - Fix wrong builtin lines in
    - Simplify usage message.

8.2201 2017-12-22T01:45:21Z

    - Change default effect for BLOCKEND.
    - Fix --face option to handle E in background.
    - Refine reverse_regions.t code.

8.22 2017-12-19T02:13:32Z

    - Use W/WE color for BLOCKEND mark.

8.21_01 2017-12-18T08:49:26Z

    - Require Getopt::EX 1.4.2
    - Avoid to use /p modifier and ${^MATCH}.
    - Use uniq() come with List::Util.
    - Update reverse_regions and wrote test.

8.21 2017-12-17T04:51:32Z

    - Handle beginning single empty line in paragraph mode. (Fixes #6)
    - Wrote test code.
    - Requires perl 5.014 (use s///r modifier, and package block)
    - Not colorize function-colormap with -dc option. Fixes #5.

8.2 2017-12-04T09:07:04Z

    - Fix to produce correct version number.

8.1 2017-11-30T16:50:38Z

    - first CPAN release