Revision history for Perl extension App::Staticperl

SHLIB_PATH hpux, .sl
LD_LIBRARY_PATH solaris, .so
LIBPATH aix .a(?)
LD_LIBRARY_PATH_32 and LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 .so solaris
TODO: nonstatic builds, make.aperl failure does not link in everything?
TODO: tell people that staticperl perl *PL;make/make install is not enough normally.
TODO: document hooks

TODO: -Ixxx overweritten during startzup for custom perl binaries

TODO: proofread the pod!
TODO: maybe make extutilc::cbuilder return value dynam,ic and have some kind of app-preferences?
TODO: bundle "<<<<" error => endless loop

1.46 Tue 15 Feb 2022 19:25:09 CET
	- when building an app ("mkapp"), staticperl freed the argv too
          early, which causes memory corruption when perl is later
          assigning to $0.
	- default CPAN recommends_policy/suggests_policy to off.
	- new bundle args: --extra-cflags, --extra-ldflags and --extra-libs.
        - fix CBuilder workaround to actually use PERL_CFLAGS not PERL_CFLASGS.
        - minor cosmetic fixes.

1.45 Fri Oct 19 23:26:54 CEST 2018
	- work around weird, buggy and broken stacksize check in newer Storable.
        - create a framework for patching modules before make, thanks to Storable.
        - try to work around install phase changing thw cwd,m so instsrc . no
          longer fails because the install dependency changed the cwd.
	- restore PL_origfilename and $0 to argv[0] before running bootstrap,
          so the script name is no longer '-e' in error messages and so on.
	- PERL_VERSION can now be a full URL or a directory.
        - default to stableperl.
        - add -Uversiononly to Configure args, as it's required by staticperl, and
          one of the many unrelated things usedevel needlessly toggles.

1.44 Tue Jul  7 01:32:49 CEST 2015
	- added Net::SSLeay hint, tested and improved by gleeco.
        - fix quoting bug, avoid failure when EXTRA_MODULES contains spaces.
        - enable build_requires_install_policy to work around one of the myriad
          bugs in Module::Build.
        - support concurrent access to the DLCACHE.
        - install ExtUtils::CBuilder early, to improve chances of succeeding
          slightly by having a newer version.
        - patch ExtUtils::CBuilder::Base::have_compiler to always return
          false, as ExtUtils::CBuilder blindly builds shared libs on systems
          that cannot build shared libs and modules relying on it usually
          fail for similar reasons.
        - set LD/CC/LDFLAGS/CFLAGS to work around the endlessly buggy ExtUtils::CBuilder,
          which incidentally is a byproduct (read: garbage) of Module::Build.
        - be more aggressive about post-install patching, to avoid stuff falling
          through the cracks.
        - override MAP_TARGET for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, as some modules
          provide their own name for the perl binary (which is not what we want).
        - update DynaLoader patch for current ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

1.43 Wed Apr 18 14:38:43 CEST 2012
	- remove the temporary MakeMaker patch, as either Pod::Parser or
          MakeMaker have been fixed. Also make sure we pull MakeMaker
          from CPAN. This might fix the CPAN dependency problems with
          newer perl versions (at least 5.14.2).
	- staticperl mkperl or mkapp didn't clean up temporary files.
        - PPI::XS seems to be broken, directly depend on PPI.

1.42 Mon Mar  5 08:16:02 CET 2012
	- actually, really do it.

1.41 Mon Mar  5 08:14:11 CET 2012
	- temporarily patch ExtUtils::MakeMaker because newer versions
          break Pod::Parser.

1.4  Mon Jul 18 09:33:48 CEST 2011
	- new configuration variable DLCACHE to avoid repeated downloads.
        - the static:: namespace was wrongly documented as sttaicperl::.
        - provide no compiler flags apart from -Os anymore by default.
        - staticperl clean now removes all build files (src/).
        - staticperl no longer sets EV_EXTRA_DEFS or CORO_INTERFACE.
        - patch ExtUtils::Miniperl to always include DynaLoader, otherwise
          static linking disables later dynamic linking and vice versa.
        - (experimental) do not build a new perl unless a static archive
          was created, to make -Dusedl faster.
        - actually fail when not being able to install some modules from CPAN.
        - speed up installing modules from CPAN if multiple modules have
          been specified.
	- weed out duplicated libraries form the beginning, not the end.
        - set shell variable $PERL to full path to perl binary
          when running staticperl cpan, which is handy for subshells.
        - properly define "boot_DynaLoader" when DynaLoader is available.
        - fix a memleak in static::list.
        - mkbundle can now bundle dynamic objects for perl extensions
        - lots of windows workarounds/bugfixes.

1.31 Tue Jun 14 09:03:59 CEST 2011
	- pause is more tricky than expected - rename to
        - improved documentation a bit.

1.3  Tue May 10 19:39:39 CEST 2011
	- the nothing-to-see-except-a-version-bump release.
	- package a file to (maybe!) get CPAN to allocate namespace
          for us, as people have real trouble to install the distribution.

1.22  Sun May  1 11:28:54 CEST 2011
	- prepend staticperl binary install path to PATH when running any
          commands - will help many broken modules and scripts (e.g. those
          using the broken #!env perl hack), but will also make life easier
          for "staticperl cpan / look" users.
	- use empty PERL_OPTIMIZE flags in testsuite for higher portability.
        - unset PERL_CORE and PERL_MB_OPT variables because
          these modules are part of perl - set them in your staticperlrc
        - disable MAN1PODS and MAN3PODS in PERL_MM_OPT, to make Glib, Cairo,
          Pango and Gtk2 build.
        - patch ExtUtils::MM_Unix to search for static archives in blib more
          often, as it doesn't detect Pango as being an XS module (which
          is a bug in Pango).
	- create a patch helper (SP-patch-postinstall) that is executed
          after perl and eahc module install to do some important patches.
	- rename the cpan-make-inmstall helper to SP-make-install-make.
        - write mkbundle to bin/SP-mkbundle.
        - new "staticperl perl" command.
        - updated small/bigperl to 5.12.3.

1.21  Fri Mar 18 19:21:15 CET 2011
	- ok, irix tar has no working -f and freebsd tar goes to a device
          by default, so screw irix and go with freebsd.
	- some bloke thought it's cool to force dynamic linking on darwin.
          force as in "either you enable it, or the resulting build will be
          forcefully broken". proves that whoever uses darwin deserves it.
          anyway, we now patch away the idiocy in the hints file.
        - for better portability, do not supply -Wl,--no-gc-sections
          -Wl,--allow-multiple-definition, but sitll patch -Wl,--no-gc...
        - new hook: patchconfig.

1.2   Mon Mar 14 00:11:15 CET 2011
        - patch CPAN::HandleConfig as there seems to be no other way to
          keep it from clobbering the users accidentally.
        - call cpan internally in a way so it picks up only our,
          for extra safety and the initial calls before patching.
        - set default cpan "installer" to EUMM, and MB is too broken
          (it fails to build extensions statically).
	- use "tar x" only to accomodate irix (and possibly other systems).

1.11  Tue Mar  8 18:37:00 CET 2011
	- no longer create bundle variable names from md5(data),
          as it is no longer useful.
        - fix output shortening in testsuite.

1.1   Thu Feb 24 07:20:22 CET 2011
	- use a better -M syntax.
	- the one-arg form of add/binadd was broken.
	- --add and --binadd now use the file as alias if the alias is missing.
	- embeddable bundle files were broken because "args"
          was used before defined.
	- mkapp now actually passes arguments to the boot script.
	- more cpan-testers workarounds :/.
        - implement an ignore-env option for mkbundle.
        - use, not just require, modules when tracing their dependencies.
        - support an optional xs_init argument to staticperl_init, which
          can be 0 (and is then ignored).
        - reduce PERL_ARENA_SIZE to something more reasonable for perl 5.12.
        - use perl 5.12.3 by default.
        - enable debug symbols by default (but not the dreaded -DDEBUGGING).

1.0   Mon Jan 10 15:13:19 CET 2011
        - specify -Uinstallusrbinperl in configure to avoid creating
        - try to work around the totally broken /bin/sh on solaris
          (only in the testsuite).
	- use curl -f instead of just curl.
        - prefer curl over wget again, as cpan seems to do so.
        - clarify license.

0.92  Wed Dec 22 02:09:19 CET 2010
	- major rework of the PHASE 2 documentation section, hopefully
          it's now more clear, more useful, more sexy.
        - renamed --usepacklist to --usepacklists (--usepacklist still
          supported as abbreviation).
	- "properly" get rid of SITELIB paths, avoid using -U compiler flags
          (which didn't even do anything...).
        - avoid export var=value syntax for non-unix shells (solaris...).
        - better output in the error case from the testsuite.

0.912 Wed Dec 15 01:14:26 CET 2010
	- print a longer and hopefully useful message when Configure fails.
	- remove PERL_CPPFLAGS, replace with PERL_CCFLAGS, which get appended
          tot he ccflags, instead of overriding them.
        - introduce PERL_CC.
	- work around *bsd stupidity again, where even root can't replace
          files with mv :/.
        - stop command processing when a command fails (e.g. staticperl mkperl
          will stop if the install step fails).
        - let perl do most configuration when running make test, to increase
          chances of success.

0.911 Sat Dec 11 16:50:41 CET 2010
	- argl, testsuite had a duplicated test.
	- use -Wl,--allow-multiple-definition for better portability.

0.91  Fri Dec 10 22:13:43 CET 2010
	- add testsuite (yeah, should be optional - send patches).
	- started to maintain two demo builds: bigperl and smallperl,
	- implemented --staticlib option.
        - special unicore/ compression (but much more could be done,
          especially for the uncompressed case).
        - implemented a strip cache, speeding up ppi stripping enourmously.
        - implemented --include/--exclude options.
        - try to port the tar call to freebsd (reported and analyzed
          by Thomas Linden).
        - (hopefully) better meaning of verbose levels.
        - avoid deadlocking in --eval (unlikely, but possible).
        - implement $STATICPERLRC.
        - do all option AND bundle file processing with Getopt::Long,
          to make maintenance easier.

0.9   Wed Dec  8 23:26:48 CET 2010
	- support AutoLoader'ed functions with prototypes.
        - new mkapp / --app option for mkbundle, to create
          standalone applications.

0.2   Tue Dec  7 21:50:07 CET 2010
        - make it work as non-root user.
        - make module install/linking much more robust against
          build and link failures, i.e. try to only install
          the module when it was actualyl built successfully.
        - split "install" phase into perl install and module
          install, so fixing your postinstall hook takes less time.
        - change make clean to delete the sources dir.
        - add preconfigure hook.

0.1   Tue Dec  7 10:23:43 CET 2010
	- initial release.

0.0   Mon Dec  6 10:44:38 CET 2010
	- cloned from Convert::Scalar.