0.020   2014-10-03
  * Bugfix: a program that expanded into a single cat was broken by
    cat optimisation
  * Improve error message: indicate which def failed arg parsing
  * add "env" def modifier that installs arguments into environment
  * make shell requoting come in effect on more than just whitespace
   (in case you have shell metacharacters in your args)
  * Docs

0.011   2013-03-09
  * Improve output of tests when they fail
  * In tests, support echo binaries that don't know about -n
    (ie solaris/mac os)
  * Only leave around temp directory if UNLINER_DEBUG >= 2
  * Pipeline optimisation: spurious cat removals
  * Add shuffler.unliner example to examples/ directory
  * Docs

0.010   2013-02-15
  * Add --help option to display basic usage
  * Fix test to not rely on GNU head(1)

0.009   2013-02-13
  * Add missing Template dependency
  * Gather some more info in prog_on_stdin to debug windows
    (github issue #1)
  * Document and complete exec "language" hidden feature
  * Use $Config{perlpath} instead of $^X as recommended on CPAN
    testers twiki
  * Don't include MYMETA files in CPAN distribution
    (github issue #2)

0.008   2013-01-06
  * Don't clean-up temp directory when UNLINER_DEBUG is specified.
    This is so you can go inspect any generated scripts after.
  * The tests incorrectly hard-coded the name of the perl binary
    which was caused tests to fail on some systems (thanks CPAN
    testers). $^X fix suggested by Andreas J. K├Ânig.
  * Allow unliner programs to be read from standard input if the
    unliner script name is omitted or is "-".

0.006   2012-12-04
  * Documentation updates

0.005   2012-12-03
  * Initial CPAN release