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Revision history for App-Wallflower

1.015 2018-09-07 BOOK
    - fixed a race condition that would lose parts of the to-do list
      when using --filter in combination with --parallel
    - improved output for 301 (show the redirect location)

1.014 2018-09-07 BOOK
    - improve handling of 304 responses, and documentation around
      them and If-Modified-Since
    - tests for 304 in TAP mode

1.013 2018-09-06 BOOK
    - fix handling of 301 in wallflower (broken in 1.010 .. 1.012)
    - 301 redirects are not considered errors in TAP mode any more
    - minor fixes in tests

1.012 2018-09-05 BOOK
    - refactor parallel processing to more evenly distribute the work
      between children (the parent won't process any URL)
    - add support for delayed and streaming responses
      (thanks to Ferruccio Zamuner (FERZ))
    - fix tests that were failing under Win32 (after the move to Path::Tiny)

1.011 2018-09-01 BOOK
    - improve the inter-process communication algorithm when running
      in parallel mode
    - Wallflower::Util links_from() now only returns relevant links

1.010 2018-08-31 BOOK
    - add a --parallel option to wallflower, to fetch files in parallel
    - add a --version option to wallflower
    - minor documentation improvements
    - switch to Path::Tiny for handling paths

1.009 2018-07-06 BOOK
    - fixed a bug with the --filter option, which made it visit only
      the first link in the input

1.008 2018-07-02 BOOK
    - fix some warnings when an error response is received
    - add a --tap option to output TAP
    - the target file modification date is set according to Last-Modified

1.007 2015-11-30 BOOK
    - return a status code 999, warn, and continue processing,
      when there is a file/directory error
    - stop using PodWeaver to produce POD
    - generate META.json

1.006 2015-06-24 BOOK
    - added --errors and --verbose options to wallflower
    - added support for callbacks in App::Wallflower
      (mostly used in testing)
    - added the list of contributors to the META file
    - fixed RT #104754 files not saved in binary mode under Win32
      (thanks to Alexander Becker (ASB) and Vincent Pit (VPIT))

1.005 2015-01-24 BOOK
    - added a url attribute to declare the URL of the live application
      (thanks to Masayuki Matsuki (SONGMU) for proposing the mount, scheme
      and server_name attributes which this one replaces)
    - fixed _links_from_css to return absolute links
      (thanks to Masayuki Matsuki (SONGMU))
    - added more articles about Wallflower in the tutorial

1.004 2012-12-27 BOOK
    - previous release had no $VERSION, because I forgot to use
      the appropriate dzil plugin
    - listed all articles about Wallflower in the tutorial

1.003 2012-12-27 BOOK
    - Pau Amma did a thorough proofreading of the documentation,
      during Quack and Hack Europe 2012 in Paris, improving it
      almost in time to accompany my Perl Advent Calendar article
    - switched to Dist::Zilla for maintaining the distribution

1.002 2012-10-24 BOOK
    - added a tutorial
    - added support for If-Modified-Since headers
    - limited following links to localhost only,
      extra hosts can be added with the --host option

1.001 2012-10-12 BOOK
    - moved the core of the code in Wallflower
    - Wallflower::Util adds the capability to extract links
    - wallflower is a one-liner built around App::Wallflower
    - wallflower does not behave as a filter by default any more

1.000 2012-09-05 BOOK
    - converted the Dancer-specific wallflower into
      one that supports any PSGI/Plack application
    - 94% test coverage