package App::mojopaste;

our $VERSION = '1.05';


=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

App::mojopaste - Pastebin application

=head1 VERSION



Mojopaste is a pastebin application. There's about one million of these out
there, but if you have the need to run something internally at work or you
just fancy having your own pastebin, this is your application.

=head2 Text and code

The standard version of L<App::mojopaste> can take normal text as input,
store it as a text file on the server and render the content as either
plain text or prettified using L<Google prettify|>.
(Note: Maybe another prettifier will be used in future versions)

=head2 Charts

In addition to just supporting text, this application can also make charts
from the input data. To turn this feature on, you need to specify
"enable_charts" in the config or set the C<PASTE_ENABLE_CHARTS>
environment variable:

  $ PASTE_ENABLE_CHARTS=1 script/mojopaste daemon;

The input chart data must be valid CSV:

CSV data is similar to L</Just data> above, except the first line is used as
"xkey,ykey1,ykey2,...". Example:

  # Can have comments in CSV input as well
  2015-02-04 15:03,120,90

CSV input data require L<Text::CSV> to be installed.

=head2 Embedding

A paste can be embedded in other pages using the query param "embed". Examples:

=over 2

=item * L<>

Get the raw data.

=item * L<>

Show the paste without any margin/padding and no menu.

=item * L<>

Show only the graph data.

=item * L<,heading,description>

Show the graph data, heading and description, but no menus.


=head1 DEMO

You can try mojopaste here: L<>.


Install system wide with cpanm:

  $ cpanm --sudo App::mojopaste

Don't have cpanm installed?

  $ curl -L | perl - --sudo App::mojopaste
  $ wget -O - | perl - --sudo App::mojopaste

It is also possible to install L<App::mojopaste> using Docker. Check out
L<> for more information.


=over 2

=item * Simple single process daemon

  $ mojopaste daemon --listen http://*:8080

=item * Save paste to custom dir

  $ PASTE_DIR=/path/to/paste/dir mojopaste daemon --listen http://*:8080

=item * Using the UNIX optimized, preforking hypnotoad web server

  $ MOJO_CONFIG=/path/to/mojopaste.conf hypnotoad $(which mojopaste)

Example mojopaste.conf:

    brand_link    => "index",
    brand_logo    => "/images/logo.png",
    brand_text    => "Mojopaste",
    paste_dir     => "/path/to/paste/dir",
    enable_charts => 1, # default is 0
    hypnotoad     => {
      listen => ["http://*:8080"],

"enable_charts" is for adding a button which can make a chart of the input
data using L<morris.js|>

Check out L<Mojo::Server::Hypnotoad> for more hypnotoad options.



=over 2

=item * L<>

=item * L<>

=item * L<>


=head1 AUTHOR

Jan Henning Thorsen - C<>