Forking PPI

script/perlimports is a fatpacked script, which includes a fork of PPI. You should probably have the fork available if your're going to be editing or testing this particular script.

git submodule init git submodule update

Now, if you'd like to update the fatpacked perlimports, just run the following script:


The entire purpose of the fatpacking is for the one bit of forked code, rather than making a portable binary, so I don't have plans currently to pack any other modules into script/perlimports.

Sending Pull Requests

The internals are still in a state of flux, so if you're proposing an invasive change, please get in touch with me first by opening a GitHub issue. That way we can co-ordinate and make sure valuable time isn't wasted on code which later can't be merged without a lot of work.