++ed by:
Author image Mario Domgörgen
and 2 contributors

Changes for version 1.06 - 2019-07-25

  • Set correct rows value when computing columns
  • Bind return to next line
  • Bind Q to quit termpub without saving the reading position
  • Add message area
  • Write correct number of hyphens in status line
  • Improve handling of nav doc table of contents
  • Add new libraries to build-standalone (fixes #3)


Epubreader for the terminal


determine positions for hyphens inside words


in lib/App/termpub.pm
in lib/App/termpub/Epub.pm
in lib/App/termpub/Epub/Chapter.pm
in lib/App/termpub/NavDoc.pm
in lib/App/termpub/Pager.pm
in lib/App/termpub/Pager/HTML.pm
in lib/App/termpub/Pager/Text.pm