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Revision history for the module "App::timeput"

-.---  2016-07-19T18:55:16+09:00 First appear in the author's own repository.
-.---  2016-07-27T22:25:19T09:00 Implemented the option "-." ; in the beginning it was "-k".
0.060  2021-11-13T21:28+09:00  This module is created by copyting the file from my own.
0.070  2021-11-14T17:06+09:00 An option "-b" deleted. "-w" added. Ctrl+C behavior. Examples on the help page.
0.071  2021-11-14T21:14+09:00 Wrote the author's name both in the program file and the .pm file.
0.075  2021-11-15T00:00+09:00 Debugged "-w" part. Tuned precisely on "-g" part. Tiny revision on Manual.
0.076  2021-11-17T17:52+09:00 Removed "-b" while adding "-b". And "-. 3" became the default.
0.077  2021-11-17T22:16+09:00 Added "-z" to enable specifying the time zone. 
0.078  2021-11-24T22:59+09:00 Deleted the Ctrl+C behavior. Instead new Ctrl+Z behavior added. Also some modifications on manual.
0.081  2023-03-10T16:47+09:00 "--sleep N" is employed in stead of "-w". To enable -d N specification.