0.88    Thu May  6 14:11:31 BST 2021
* Refactor type detection into type_for() function

0.86    Thu Dec  5 20:53:07 GMT 2019
* Fix RT#131072 which was due to tar.exe and CRLF line endings

0.84    Wed Dec  4 21:20:04 GMT 2019
* Fix RT#119084 - won't compile on MSWin32 with taint

0.82    Fri Nov 22 19:09:35 GMT 2019
* Correctly compare version string for Archive::Tar (#7)
* Remove duplicate entry from the MANIFEST file. (#6)
* Treat minix the same as NetBSD

0.80    Wed Jan 18 23:14:32 GMT 2017
* Change Linux unzip heuristic to match FreeBSD's [rt#119905]

0.78    Wed Jul 27 20:40:15 2016
* CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading optional modules from default .
* Add additional heuristics for unzip on FreeBSD

0.76    Sat Jul  4 18:44:42 2015
* Resolve RT#105425, putting refs in $/ has been
  fatal since v5.20.0

0.74    Thu Nov 20 10:03:50 2014
* NetBSD's tar does not like some archives
  on CPAN, prefer gtar if it is available.

0.72    Sun Jan 26 16:21:07 2014

* On FreeBSD favour info-unzip if it is found
* Treat DragonflyBSD as a FreeBSD

0.68    Fri Feb 15 22:57:09 2013

* Solaris' tar doesn't like some archives on
  CPAN, prefer gtar if it is available

0.66    Sat Feb  9 18:21:52 2013

* Treat midnightbsd the same as freebsd for
  the purposes of finding Info-ZIP unzip

Chnages for 0.64    Sat Jan 26 21:07:03 2013

* Add deprecation usage to warn if the
  module is loaded from corelib.
  Archive::Extract is leaving core with
  v5.20.0, but will remain available from

0.62    Wed Jan  9 21:38:10 2013

* OpenBSD's tar does not like some archives
  on CPAN, prefer gtar if it is available.
* Correctly detect lack of /bin/tar (Smylers)

0.60    Mon Feb 20 22:28:10 2012

* Work around an edge-case on Linux with
  Busybox's unzip

0.58    Sat Oct 22 20:25:00 2011

* Apply patch from Craig A. Berry [rt#71846]
  make _untar_bin use Unix-syntax archive names
  on VMS

0.56    Tue Aug 23 15:55:52 2011

* Amend the MSWin32 fixes for 'unzip' to
  work with Cygwin-based tools too.

0.54    Mon Aug 22 11:52:18 2011

* Resolve issues on MSWin32 when 'unzip' is
  found in PATH

0.52    Thu Apr 28 20:56:27 2011

* Only use unzip from /usr/local/bin when on
  FreeBSD which will be the Info-ZIP version

0.50    Tue Apr 12 19:17:23 2011

* Resolve RT #56208 reported by Apocalypse

0.48    Fri Jan  7 20:45:37 2011

* upstream blead patches from Peter Acklam

0.46    Tue Oct 26 23:45:52 2010

* Correct speeling errors in docs, spotted by 
* Only use unzip from /usr/pkg/bin when on 
  NetBSD which will be the Info-ZIP version

0.44    Wed Sep 29 15:51:26 2010

* Apply a patch from brian d foy that adds a
  debug() method for $DEBUG output.

0.42    Mon Jun 28 19:35:17 2010

* Apply a patch from Robin Barker RT #56927 
  "Unnecessary chdir/INC manipulation in test"

0.40    Fri May 14 13:31:32 2010

* Add support for TZ files, Paul Marquess provided
  the patches in RT #57387
* modified the lzma logic to favour IO::Uncompress::Unlzma
  Paul Marquess via RT #57387

0.38    Wed Jan  6 23:48:52 2010

* Apply a patch from Michael G Schwern RT #53246
  extract() is vulnerable to print globals.

0.36    Tue Nov 24 10:27:16 2009

* Explicitly use Cwd's chdir

0.34    Sat Jun 27 14:23:54 2009

* Attempt to address #46948: unable to install install on win32.
  Binaries on Win32 are notoriously unreliable and Strawberry perl
  ships with all the needed perl modules, so skip failed binary
  tests on Win32.
* Address #47053: Use Archive::Tar iter to keep from read the 
  tar into memory. Thanks to Robert Krimen and Doug Wilson for 
  their patches.

0.32    Fri Jun 12 13:23:11 2009

* Some tars have extra newlines in their '-x' output, 
  so grep for 'length' when parsing the file list, or 
  errors like this one can crop up:
* Add docs that A::E is not always thread safe. See RT #45671

0.31_03 Wed Mar 11 12:38:43 2009

* Newer versions of 'tar' (1.21 and up) now print record size
  to STDERR as well if v OR t is given (used to be both). This 
  is a 'feature' according to the changelog, so we must now only
  inspect STDOUT, otherwise, failures like these occur:
  Thanks to tcallawa from RedHat for tracking this down.

0.31_02 Tue Mar  3 17:01:26 2009

* Address: #43278: Explicitly tell Archive::Zip where to put the files
  In certain edge cases, archive::zip would extract to dirname($0) instead
  of cwd(); Now we tell Archive::Zip explicitly where to extract to. 

0.31_01 Fri Feb  6 15:39:13 2009

* Address #40138; .tar files on Win32 would not extract properly with
  gnu tar (default on cygwin) under Cmd.exe/Native Win32 system calls.
  Gnu tar interprets file names with a : in them, like C:\tmp\foo.tar
  as a remote path, and attempts to execute rsh instead.
  Archive::Extract now checks for gnu tar on Win32 and adds the 
  '--force-local' flag to disable this behaviour.
* Improved diagnostics from the test suite
* Enabled debugging in the test suite for development releases.

0.30    Tue Dec 16 17:32:13 2008

* This is a test suite fix; users of 0.28 need not upgrade.
* Archive::Extract would not reliably skip binary extraction
  tests when no binaries were found in $PATH, which causes
  test suite failures.

0.28    Fri Oct 10 15:22:51 2008

* Address: #39554: Must set $Archive::Tar::CHOWN, not
  $Archive::Tar::Constant::CHOWN to control the chown()
  functionality when using Archive::Tar.
* Various test suite improvements to test warnings 
  and errors emitted by Archive::Extract.

0.27_02 Wed Sep 24 17:37:52 2008

* Test & build improvements: users of 0.27_01 need 
  not upgrade.
* Test suite would die if no files were reported 
  to be extracted, because Test::More::is() would
  choke on a negative array index on an empty array
* Up dependency of IPC::Cmd to 0.41_05 to handle 
  pipes and whitespace better on shell out commands.  

0.27_01 Mon Sep 22 14:20:20 2008

* Address: #32751: incorrect error message
  Multiple error messages are now joined and will only be 
  reset upon next ->extract()
* Test suite improvement to split binary from pure perl 
  solutions to test implementations without fallback.

0.26    Sun Jan 27 16:31:20 2008

* Address #32370: Archive::Extract will hang if stdin 
  is a pipe. /bin/bunzip2 tried to read STDIN when printing
  out it's '--version'. 
* Address rt #32336 by a.r.ferreira@gmail.com to add .lzma 
  support to archive::extract 
* Older versions of bunzip2 insist on a .bz2 suffix to extract 
  things. Guard against this, adapt the test suite and mention 
  it in the caveats. 

0.24    Thu Sep 20 15:05:55 2007

* Older versions of /bin/bunzip2 only support archives
  with a .bz2 suffix. Attempt to detect this with a new
  method ->have_old_bunzip2, and skip tests accordingly.
  Also document this in the CAVEATS section of the docs.
* Apply core change 31904: Clean up test files left 
  behind (on Win32, at least).

0.23_01 Sun Sep  9 12:39:08 2007

* Address Update ticket #27991 (Archive::Extract and 
  very large tar.gz files). Add a CAVEATS entry explianing 
  how to deal with large files & memory consumption 
* VMS shell out & test fixes by John Malmberg

0.22    Tue May 29 21:18:46 2007

* Manifest didn't include one of the source files
  for tests. If you have 0.20 installed there is no
  need to upgrade. This is just a test suite fix.
0.20    Mon May 28 12:06:33 2007

* Address #27195: Implement support for .Z files.
* Small POD fixes
* Disable some test diagnostics under perl core tests

0.18    Wed Apr 11 21:20:53 2007

* Starting 5.9.5, this module installs itself in
  the core-perl dir, rather than site-perl, as it's
  now part of core.
* Reverse '$PREFER_BIN' conditional for tar/tar.gz
  files. The current logic was actually exactly the
  wrong way around.
* Small regex change to tar/tar.gz detection.  

0.16    Fri Jan 26 11:07:24 2007

* address #24578: Wrong check for `type' argument
* add new method ->types that returns a list of
  all supported archive types
* promote 0.15_03 to stable  

0.15_03 Thu Jan  4 14:46:58 2007

* address #23999: Attempt to generate Makefile.PL 
  gone awry where paths starting with a '.' 
  are sometimes reported to be extracted in '.' 
  as well rather than their actual extraction dir.

0.15_02 Sun Nov 26 18:06:02 2006

* fix testing logic error, that assumed extracted 
  files were always logged when we did not prefer 
  binaries to extract with. However, that does not 
  mean the perl module is available, so we might 
  not have buffers after all.
* make sure we dont have test count mismatches 
  between buffers/non-buffers

0.15_01 Fri Nov 24 15:07:44 2006

* Apply patch from Paul Marquess to add pure
  perl support for bzip2 encoded files. This 
  support requires you to have the module
  IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 installed.
* Error storage is now per object like it should
  be rather than class wide.
* Update tests to not skip unnecessarily  
* Up required version of IPC::Cmd to 0.36 for 
  5.6.x compatibility
* Improve diagnostics in the test suite when
  run verbosely
0.14    Fri Oct 20 14:37:36 2006

* Tweak tests to play nicer on win32
* Up required version of IPC::Cmd

0.12    Sun Aug 13 14:55:54 2006

* Add diagnostics during the test suite informing
  the user that File::Spec warnings may be 
  generated by Archive::Zip (see rt #19713).
  These are safe to ignore.

0.11_02 Thu Aug  3 14:18:16 2006

* attempt to address #19815: make test fail under Cygwin
  again. Unzip giving trouble this time. Adding -o 
  option to force overwriting of old files
* address #20829: test failure on Win32: no bunzip2?
  bunzip2 detection wasn't working properly in the
  test suite so tests weren't skipped on missing

0.11_01 Wed Aug  2 13:04:37 2006

* attempt to address #19815: make test fail under Cygwin
  by adding more sanity checks about buffers 

0.11    Wed Aug  2 11:15:48 2006

* add tentative bzip2 support