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Art::World is an attempt to model and simulate a system describing the interactions and influences between the various agents of the Art World.

If a correct API is reached, we'll try to build a "game of art" frontend. It is also possible that an art galery or a museum could enjoy this toolkit to use it in a larger business software.


Art::World entities
idea process file discourse time project
idea 01 02 03 04 05
process 06 07 08 09 10
file 11 12 13 14 15
discourse 16 17 18 19 20
time 21 22 23 24 25
project 26 27 28 29 30

Some illustrations sticked on a wall

01 Idea is the first step of process
02 Idea is inserted in the file (through process)
03 Idea comes from discourse (given about project)
04 Idea comes when there is no time left
05 Ideas constitue the project
06 Process allows ideas to evolve
07 Process allows to fill the file (with ideas + discourse)
08 Process allows to generate some discourse
09 Process allows to save time
10 Process allows to set up the project
11 File is made of ideas
12 File is filled and emptied with the process
13 File is made of discourse
14 File archives ideas, making possible to forget them
15 File generates a project
16 Discourse steers ideas
17 Discourse analyzes process
18 Discourse talks about the file
20 Discourse is a constituent of the project
21 From time to time, ideas appear
22 Time is needed to apply the process
23 Time is suspended into file, process is off there
24 Discourse's time (reading time)
25 Various times contained in project give it's shape
26 Project is updated by new ideas
27 Project is constantly updated by the process
28 Project is set up when file is updated
29 Project and discourse are inseparable
30 Project is what takes the longuest time to set up


Movement of Attitudes and Gestures Making the Art::World

More or less viscous crystalline slurry having in general subsidies and which, by cooling and passing to the state of project gives rise to different states of the art, called M.A.G.M.A.-states. The M.A.G.M.A.s are enclosed in various M.A.G.M.A.-tic pockets and spread over the earth's crust during eruptions of various violences.

Person posing in front of a schema with a lot of writing on a wall

Primary M.A.G.M.A

Common work basis of artists research

Secondary M.A.G.M.A.

Cliché of the specialized art world

Tertiary M.A.G.M.A.

Component of artistic cultures generalist foundations

You can consult a detailed version of this geologic-artistic theory (FR language though).


This is a long term continuation of an art project started circa 2006.

In 2005, I got a metal box and colored carton cards and called this Le Fichier. It was basically a database of artworks ideas. I was trashing all ideas I could have of serious or weird potential artworks. It was inspired either by Roland Barthes, who was actually working with those kind of cards, Georges Perec, who was exploring potentialities, and Édouard Levé Oeuvres, a huge catalog of potential artworks (he later commited suicide after describing his own Suicide in a book).

2006 I initiated a FileMaker database of artworks to put the old style carton cards in computer form. I had no idea what I was doing at this time, being an art school student, at this time, programming was not massively taught as a fine art (unfortunately).

In 2008 I benefited of an artist residency in an agricultural college with a creation grant of 10 000€. I wanted to keep working on my Art World and Creative Processes schemas projects initiated during art school. It didn't go very well because the Plastic Art State Inspector didn't like what I was doing with her money and strongly advised to change orientation. In my opinion, it was a perfect thing that the instutition itself would exhibit it's own workings. In the end, there was an exhibition, but she didn't come to the opening.

Anyway, I ended up interviewing many Agents of the college, and went especially well with some natural sciences teacher. He recommended a manual were I found some schemas that I made some detournement: I used the geology science as a metaphor of art world. I used geology terms and language to describe social interactions that were not described in the art sociology field.

Pencil schema with mountains

The residency ended up with the redaction of a rather precise documentation (FR) and maybe the first specification I ever wrote.

Then I almost got beaten by a fellow artist who was participating in a collective exhibition mostly for the money and not for the fun. I guess he felt a bit provoked by my situationist theory.

In 2008, I finally decided to start a training to learn programming and design a proper database and system for managing a virtual Art World. I became a web developer, but I totally forgot the ulterior motive.

Sometimes I thought about it:

2013 Perl try

I bootstrapped a Perl module with 5 abstract empty classes and then let it sleep on Github

2017 Raku try

I restarted my project while getting into Raku (it was still Perl6 at this time), but learning Raku was too much effort and I abandonned again.

Ten years later I am still on it. This project is following me in my dreams. I'll give it another try.

News on

A series of posts exist on the, called the Diary of a Zydeco experiment. They are supposed to explain in details the motivations of the project and give some useful technical informations about some shiny discoveries.






Errors for fun and success




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