Revision history for Astro::Catalog

4.37 2023-04-18

  - Tk::AstroCatalog window now resizable.
  - JCMT format updated with addition of proper motion and parallax.
  - More consistent spelling of catalog.

4.36 2021-10-11

  - Added IO modules for VEX, Hedwig and JCMT_OT_SC formats.
  - For Vizier query, generate combined c.rm parameter.
  - Use Astro::Catalog::Item internally instead of Astro::Catalog::Star.
  - Added catalog_convert script to convert catalogs between formats.

4.35 2020-04-28

  - Changed the Astro::Catalog::IO::TST pattern match used to identify
    magnitude error columns to allow multiple characters in the filter name
    (with thanks to Paul Leyland - CPAN bug #132433).
  - Suppressed some debugging output (unless $DEBUG is set).

4.34 2018-07-05

  - Updated reference coordinates for 4_sesame.t test.

4.33 2018-02-07

  - Updated the test scripts to work with the latest release
    of Astro::Coords (0.19).

4.32 2018-01-31

  - Updated skycat.cfg file.
  - Updated RITMatch for the case of multiple filters and renamed
    the write_catalog "waveband" option to "filter".
  - Adjusted JCMT catalog formatting to match the current catalog.
  - Skipped 2_jcmt.t's test of the HOLO source in the JCMT catalog.
  - Now skip test 4_skycat_gsc.t as service has been decommissioned.
  - Updated reference coordinates for 4_sesame.t test.

4.31 2014-04-01

  - Fix test 4_skycat_gsc.t for users who have a SkyCat configuration
    file which does not include "gsc@eso".

4.30 2014-01-31

  - Catalogs can now be sorted by distance in azimuth.

4.29 2013-11-27

  - JCMT test script updated for the addition of Mercury.

4.28 2013-11-27

  - Mercury has been added to the list of planets to be included
    in the JCMT catalog.

4.27 2013-06-05

  - Test scripts skip query tests in the event of network problems.

4.26 2013-06-04

  - The search button in Tk::AstroCatalog is now operational.
  - Minor updates to documentation.
  - Fixes for SkyCat GSC test due to hash key randomization.

4.25 2012-10-12

  - Tk::AstroCatalog can now be told to display additional columns
    in the widget.

4.24 2012-07-06

  - recommend that Astro::FITS::CFITSIO is installed rather than
    requiring it. We can't guarantee that people have the CFITSIO
    library installed.

4.23 2012-07-05

  - Tk::AstroCatalog now calls the onDestroy method correctly
    when the widget is closed from the window manager (Graham Bell)

4.22 2012-06-20

  - Use File::Temp for temporary files in tests.
  - Can now take IO::Handle objects for read_catalog and

4.21 2012-06-18

  - Remove code that relies on CVS $Revision$ tags. Those
    modules have now been updated to v2.00 to ensure that they
    are seen as new.

4.2 2012-06-18

  - The MPC web service seems to have changed so MPC is not functioning
    in this release.

  - Added FITSTable, ASSM, NorthStar, Binary, RITMatch, XY
    and LCOGFITSTable formats.
  - Now uses Module::Build
  - SuperCOSMOS and SIMBAD query classes have been removed since the
    remote format has changed.
  - Updated skycat.cfg file.
  - Astro::VO::VOTable is now an optional module.