2020-09-16  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.15';

	* typemap, util.c: TULONGULONG support, courtesy of Craig
	Markwardt (craig.b.markwardt@nasa.gov).

2020-06-30  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.14';

	* CFITSIO.pm: change fits_copy_hdutbl to fits_copy_hdutab

2020-06-30  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.13';

	* CFITSIO.pm: sync with cfitsio 3.48, added fits_copy_hdutbl /
	ffcpht, fits_init_https / ffihtps, fits_cleanup_https / ffchtps,
	fits_verbose_https / ffvhtps, fits_show_download_progress /
	ffshdwn, fits_get_timeout / ffgtmo, fits_set_timeout / ffstmo

2018-10-01  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.12';

	* CFITSIO.pm: sync with cfitsio 3.45, added
	fits_copy_cols / ffccls

2016-08-23  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.11';

	* util.c: unpackND() explicitly calls unpack1D() if appropriate.

	* CFITSIO.pm: sync with cfitsio 3.39, added
	fits_open_extlist / ffeopn,
	fits_get_key_strlen / ffgksl,
	fits_read_string_key / ffgsky,

2013-09-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_write_colnull/ffpcn

2013-06-06  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.10';

	* CFITSIO.pm: sync with cfitsio 3.34, added fits_make_key/ffmky

2012-08-06  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_parse_input_filename/ffifile

2012-07-27  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.09';

	* CFITSIO.xs: sync with cfitsio 3.31

2012-01-19  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.08';

	* CFITSIO.xs: sync with cfitsio 3.29, added fits_calculator,
	fits_calculator_rng and fits_read_img_coord_version/ffgicsa

2011-10-21  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Makefile.PL: pkg-config support

2011-07-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.07';

	* CFITSIO.xs: update to cfitsio 3.28, removal of
	fits_compress_img. Removal of LICENSE file and inclusion of
	copyright and license in README.

2011-07-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: update to cfitsio 3.27, added fits_free_memory,
	fits_read_str, fits_delete_str

2011-01-26  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.06';

	* CFITSIO.xs: update to cfitsio 3.26, added routines
	fits_copy_rows, fits_get_inttype, fits_convert_hdr2str, added
	short name ffhdr2str => 'fits_hdr2str', added constants

2010-07-28  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* util.c (column_width): fixed incorrect determination of ASCII
	string widths for values in binary tables columns

2009-08-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: fixed bug in fits_update_key when called with
	datatype TLOGICAL, whereby the input value was not converted to
	int properly.

2008-08-26  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* testprog/testprog_pdl.pl: get testprog_pdl.pl work properly on
	64-bit archs

2007-02-14  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_write_hdu/ffwrhdu,

2006-06-27  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.0.5';

	* util.c: fixed order_reverse, which was called by
	fits_read_pix[null], so that it now actually does something

2006-05-20  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.0.4';

2006-05-19  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_translate_keyword(s),
	fits_copy_cell2image, fits_copy_image2cell

2006-05-18  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_parse_rangell, fits_binary_tformll,
	ffmbyt (aka fits_seek - this function does not have a longname in
	cfitsio, and should typically not be used by applications),
	fits_write_tdimll, ffpknjj (aka fits_write_keys_lnglng - no
	longname in cfitsio), fits_write_imghdrll, fits_write_grphdrll,
	fits_read_key_lnglng, fits_read_tdimll, fits_decode_tdimll,
	ffgknjj (aka fits_read_keys_lnglng - no longname in cfitsio),
	fits_read_imghdrll, fits_read_atblhdrll, fits_read_btblhdrll,
	fits_get_hduaddrll, fits_get_img_parmall, fits_create_imgll,
	fits_insert_imgll, fits_resize_imgll, fits_get_coltypell,
	fits_get_eqcoltypell, fits_get_num_rowsll, fits_get_bcol_parmsll,
	fits_read_pixll, fits_read_pixnullll, fits_read_img_sbyt,
	fits_read_img_lnglng, fits_read_imgnull_sbyt,
	fits_read_imgnull_lnglng, fits_read_2d_sbyt, fits_read_2d_lnglng,
	fits_read_3d_sbyt, fits_read_3d_lnglng, fits_read_subset_lnglng,
	fits_read_subsetnull_sbyt, fits_read_subsetnull_lnglng,
	fits_read_grppar_lnglng, fits_read_col_sbyt, fits_read_col_lnglng,
	fits_read_colnull_sbyt, fits_read_colnull_lnglng,
	fits_read_descriptll, fits_read_descriptsll, fits_write_pixll,
	fits_write_pixnullll, fits_write_img_sbyt, fits_write_img_lnglng,
	fits_write_imgnull_sbyt, fits_write_imgnull_lnglng,
	fits_write_2d_sbyt, fits_write_2d_lnglng, fits_write_3d_sbyt,
	fits_write_3d_lnglng, fits_write_subset_sbyt, fits_write_subset_lnglng,
	fits_write_grppar_sbyt, fits_write_grppar_lnglng,
	fits_write_col_sbyt, fits_write_col_lnglng, fits_write_nullrows,
	fits_write_colnull_sbyt, fits_write_colnull_lnglng,
	fits_delete_rowlistll, fits_read_grppar_sbyt,

	* CFITSIO.xs: added upackNDll
	* typemap: added mapping for signed char (cfitsio TSBYTE)
2005-01-04  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added cfitsio 2510 routines
	ffdkopn/fits_open_diskfile and ffdkinit/fits_create_diskfile

2004-08-16  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.0.3';

2004-08-02  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: add fits_file_exists() from cfitsio 2500.
	fits_read_colnull_cmp() and fits_read_colnull_dblcmp() null arrays
	should contain nelem as per cfitsio 2500 changes.

	* Makefile.PL: add -I$ENV{CFITSIO}/include, -L$ENV{CFITSIO}/lib

2004-04-08  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added AbortFitsFile macro to complement NewFitsFile
	in cases where create/open of a file fails. FitsFile* output
	typemap changed accordingly. The AbortFitsFile macro frees the
	memory that NewFitsFile allocated, sets the argument to NULL, and
	the output typemap will not bless the scalar - undef is returned
	instead of an invalid FitsFile object (which DESTROY would croak

2004-04-07  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: LONGLONG_IMG constant added

2004-03-25  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.02';

	* CFITSIO.xs: Added fits_hdr2str, but without the "exclude" and
	"nexc" parameters. Added TSBYTE support.

2004-02-26  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: Added fits_get_img_equivtype, fits_get_eqcoltype

2003-06-04  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: open_file() wasn't handling the possible magic
	of status correctly (it's in a PPCODE block which doesn't
	automatically do that for you).

2003-01-06  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: forgot to initialize status to 0 in DESTROY.
	sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn't.

2002-11-26  Diab Jerius  <djerius@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: the underlying structure representing a filehandle
	has been changed from a pointer (the returned CFITSIO filehandle
	of type fitsfile*) to a structure of type FitsFile.
	* the way that data are unpacked may now be specified on a
	per-filehandle basis via the perlyunpacking method.
	* ffclos is automatically called (when necessary) on a filehandle
	when it goes out of scope.

2002-10-28  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* README: Whoops, already released 1.01 with 1.00 references in

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '1.01';

2002-09-04  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added cfitsio 2.420 routine fits_flush_buffer.

2002-07-30  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: added fits_find_first_row/ffffrw

2002-06-27  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* util.c: unpackND() bug fixed.

	* CFITSIO.xs: Added cfitsio 2.410 routines fits_open_data,
	fits_open_image, fits_open_table, fits_write_errmark,
	fits_clear_errmark, fits_delete_rowrange, fits_copy_file,
	fits_parse_range, and fits_insert_key.

2002-04-05  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* $VERSION = '1.00';

	* Name changed to Astro::FITS::CFISIO

2002-02-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: Added fits_[gs]et_{compression_type,noise_bits,tile_dim}
	and fits_write_subset, all from cfitsio 2.400

	* util.c: beginning of TLONGLONG support

2001-11-05  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Added cfitsio 2.300 constants GZIP_1, PLIO_1, RICE_1.

	* Added cfitsio 2.300 routines fits_compress_heap/ffcmph,
	fits_test_heap/fftheap, fits_compress_img/fits_comp_img,

	* Updated test programs for cfitsio 2.300.
2000-11-17  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* $VERSION = '0.95';

	* fits_read_pix/fits_read_pixnull should now unpack correctly.
	Tested on both 2d and 3d datasets.

2000-11-15  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Fixed large memory leak reading into perl arrays.

2000-11-14  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* unsigned type cleanups in util.c

	* Added, tested fits_read_subset()/ffgsv().

	* Added fits_write_pix()/ffppx() and fits_write_pixnull()/ffppxn().
	The latter does not have a longname alias in cfitsio 2.100, but it
	is listed in the user manual.

2000-11-12  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* added fits_get_keyname()/ffgknm(), thanks to Tim Conrow.

	* fits_get_img_size() bug causing sigsegv and/or out of memory
	condition fixed when called on a non-image HDU - thanks to Tim Conrow
	Function now determines the output array size needed, and always
	unpacks to a perl array.

	* bug fixed in fits_test_expr(), output variables setting
	* Updated testprogs and test.pl

	* fits_get_hduoff() added.

	* Fixed bug in fits_get_hduaddr(), causing all output fields to be
	set to value of headstart.

2000-08-23  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Fixed TBIT column write in fits_write_col(), when PerlyUnpacking(1).
	Minor documentation updates.

2000-07-24  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Fixed TBIT column reads in fits_read_col() and fits_read_colnull().

2000-02-25  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* $VERSION = '0.94';

	* Minor pod changes.

2000-02-23  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Reformat of util.c, minor cleanups in example scripts.

2000-02-22  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Updated examples.

	* Added cfitsio2036 routines fits_read_imgnull(), fits_read_colnull().

	* Removed maxdim argument from fits_read_atblhdr(),
	fits_read_btblhdr(), fits_read_imghdr(), fits_decode_tdim(),
	fits_read_tdim(), fits_test_expr(), fits_get_img_parm().
	Updated calls to these routines in testprogs and test.pl.

	* Added cfitsio2035 routines fits_update_key_longstr(),
	fits_insert_key_longstr(), fits_modify_key_longstr(),
	fits_get_img_par() and fits_get_keyclass(). Added cfitsio2035
	constants TYP_x_KEY.

2000-01-10  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* fits_read_header() makes an array of comments if there is
	more than one for a given header keyword (e.g., HISTORY keywords,
	because they end up in the COMMENTS portion of the output hash).

1999-12-11  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Disabled prototypes.

1999-12-11  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Added examples/check_status.pl and examples/match_datatype.pl

1999-12-11  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Attempt at making example scripts portable
	to 64-bit architectures, in a generalized manner.

1999-12-09  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Allow undef for timeref argument in fits_get_system_date().

1999-12-08  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Added sizeof_datatype().

1999-12-02  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* $VERSION = '0.93';

	* Added cfitsio version section to README.

	* Some common problems and solutions explained in INSTALL.

	* Explicitly enabled prototypes in CFITSIO.xs.

1999-11-26  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Updated fits_get_img_size/ffgisz() for new prototype
	in CFITSIO 2.034.

1999-11-12  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Added WCS routines fits_get_image_wcs_keys()/ffgiwcs() and
	fits_get_table_wcs_keys()/ffgtwcs(). Another routine -
	fits_get_imagecell_wcs_keys() - is documented in the manual
	but not found in the cfitsio library.

1999-11-01  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* unpack3D() - fixed bug in inner loop.

1999-10-06  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* read_tblbytes(): Fixed compiler warning of incompatible pointers.

1999-09-28  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* fits_get_hdu_num() now accepts undef argument. Useful since
	its return value is the current HDU number, and setting the variable
	inplace was redundant.

1999-09-21  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Added fits_null_check/ffnchk(), fits_get_img_type/ffgidt(),
	fits_get_img_dim/ffgidm() and fits_get_img_size/ffgisz().

	These are all new in CFITSIO v2.033

1999-09-14  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* $VERSION = '0.92';

1999-09-13  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: find_rows(), read_3d_TYP(), read_colnull_str(),
	read_descripts(), read_grppar_TYP(), read_imgnull_TYP(),
	read_subset_TYP(), read_subsetnull_TYP(), read_tblbytes():
	Created fastpaths for case of PerlyUnpacking(0).

1999-09-13  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: read_2d_TYP(), read_img_TYP(), fastpaths for

1999-09-13  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: read_colnull_TYP() fastpaths for PerlyUnpacking(0).

1999-09-09  Pete Ratzlaff  <rpete@ascda3.harvard.edu>

	* examples/: Updated examples somewhat. Nothing big, though.

1999-08-31  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: read_col_TYPE(), read_col_bit_TYPE(): Fast path created
	for case of PerlyUnpacking(0). Was doing an extra allocation and memcpy,
	no more. This needs to be done for a number of the other routines as

1999-08-30  Pete Ratzlaff  <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* examples/bintable_read.pl: Was not actually die()ing if get_colnum()
	failed. Fixed.

1999-08-24  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: Fixed example function call in pod.

1999-04-08  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: $VERSION = '0.91';

	* CFITSIO.pm: Removed duplicate 'my' declaration.

	* CFITSIO.pm, CFITSIO.xs: Synched up with cfitsio2031. Added
	fits_get_col_display/ffgcdw, fits_read_col_bit_{usht,uint}/ffgcxu{ik},

	* examples/bintable_read.pl: Use get_num_rows() to find number of rows
	instead of read_btblhdr().

	* CFITSIO.pm: fits_read_header() was griping with -w, $status now

1999-03-23  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs: ffopen() was segfaulting if filename was undef, now
	assumes empty string (which will fail, of course).

	* CFITSIO.xs: fits_get_colnum() accepts undef for output variable now.

1998-12-15  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.pm: fits_read_header() no longer calls fits_close_file() if
	passed a fitsfilePtr.

1998-12-08  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* CFITSIO.xs, testprog/*: Bug squashed...fits_read_colnull_{,dbl}cmp were
	not allocating enough memory for null-flags array. Turns out you need
	2*nelem elements.

1998-12-07  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* Makefile.PL: Minor fix to clean testprog/testprog.{fit,lis}.

	* testprog/runtests: First hack at auto testprogs

1998-12-04  Pete Ratzlaff <pratzlaff@cfa.harvard.edu>

	* test.pl: More tests added.

	* CFITSIO.pm: Updated pod.

	* CFITSIO.xs: More compatibility fixes and squashed bugs.