Revision history for Audio-Extract-PCM

0.01    2008-12-20
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2008-12-20
        Remove accidentally included sine.wav (need only sine.wav.gz)
        Return the pcm data as a reference.

0.02_01 2008-12-21     
        Warn for sox warnings.
        Check for sox program in Build.PL
        extract.t: Create sine.wav in base directory, not in t/, because of
            permission problems.

0.02_02 2008-12-21
        Don't use IO::CaptureOutput in Build.PL, backticks will suffice here (we
        need it anyway to run the module, but Build.PL is better kept simple.)

0.03    2009-01-07
        * Included an example script:
        * Add Module::Build to configure_requires and build_requires

0.03_01 2009-01-14
        * Remove sine.wav after testing (don't waste disk space if you keep the
          source directory lingering around)
        * Report sox version in test suite (want to get more info from

0.03_02 2009-01-15
        * Use -1/-2/-4/-8 rather than -b/-w/-l/-d in newer sox versions.
        * Removed -T from 00-load.t.  For the record, this module isn't taint-safe.
          Really, how am I supposed to portably run "sox" without depending on
          PATH?  Imho, taint mode is a ridiculous concept.

0.03_03 2009-01-16
        * Ignore capitalization in the test suite while checking for sox errors
          (seems to have changed in newer soxes)

0.04    2009-01-16
        * Identical to 0.03_03