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Revision history for Audio-Ofa-Util

0.01    2008-12-20
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2008-12-20
        Removed debugging output

0.02_01 2008-12-21
        Don't compare the whole fingerprint in base.t, only the beginning seems
        to be portable.

0.02_02 2008-12-22
        * Minor changes to the pkg-config code in Build.PL
        * Add configure_requires for ExtUtils::PkgConfig -- I hope that all
          testers support it yet; maybe I will have to find some PREREQ_FATAL
          tricks to make them install dependencies and then run Build.PL again.

1.00    2010-03-08
        * Add Module::Build to configure_requires
        * Bumped the version number to 1.00 because the binding seems to work

1.01   2010-03-08
        * Fix pod error