Revision history for Perl extension Authen::Captcha.

2012-07-14 12:19  Lubomir Rintel

	* Hardcode version, don't get it from CVS.  Advise to use
	* Makefile.PM: Point to Git for now
	* Changes: updated changes - tagged as Rel-1_024

2012-06-16 18:25  Lubomir Rintel

	* Makefile.PL: 5.005 is not really supported

2012-06-16 18:18  Paolo Rossi

	* Broken locking lets images files build up

2012-06-16 18:12  Lubomir Rintel

	* Makefile.PL: Fix File::Spec requirement

2012-06-16 18:09  Chris Dunlop

	* Fix reading of codes database in taint mode

2012-06-16 18:01  Ernesto HernĂ¡ndez-Novich

	* Spelling fix

2012-06-16 17:54  Lubomir Rintel

	*, Makefile.PL: Use Random tokens instead of MD5

2003-12-17 23:47  jmiller

	* Changes: updated changes - tagged as Rel-1_023

2003-12-17 23:44  jmiller

	*, t/1.t: Added keep_failures option, to keep the
	captcha around when the check failes one wants.  Added initial
	untested sound file support (no distortion yet)

2003-12-04 15:50  jmiller

	* Changes: updated changes - tagged as Rel-1_022

2003-12-04 15:46  jmiller

	* removed item from TODO - fixing srand() portability

2003-12-04 15:44  jmiller

	* added data validation to expire(), width(), and
	height() to verify set's use a possitive integer.  check_code() -
	have it creating database file codes.txt if it doesn't exist (touch

2003-12-04 15:25  jmiller

	*, Makefile.PL, t/1.t: Portability update.  Modified
	directory/file handling to use File::Spec for portable operations. 
	Added warnings for when unlink's failed.  Made srand() in new() of more portable.

2003-12-04 11:08  jmiller

	* t/1.t: adjusted test t/1.t... it was writing captcha out to
	/tmp/captcha_temp/etc, changed it to use t/captcha_temp/etc using
	__FILE__ to figure out where the test is at.

2003-12-04 00:45  jmiller

	*, Makefile.PL, t/1.t: Removed nasty hack to hardcode in
	the lib/Authen/Captcha/images directory. Replaced with the solution
	that lib/Net/ uses (thanks to Andrew Savige for helping me
	out). The new solution uses __FILE__ to find the module's filename,
	and regex's it into the path to the images directory.

2003-12-03 22:12  jmiller

	*, examples/wwwtest.cgi, t/1.t: MAJOR INTERFACE CHANGE!
	method names have changed. All two word method names have been
	lowercased and split with an underscore for propper style and
	consistency:	datafolder	=> data_folder	outputfolder	=>
	output_folder	     imagesfolder    => images_folder	    
	generateCode	=> generate_code	checkCode	=>
	check_code Also, though less important, an audit of all variable
	names in the module has been done in order to put them into the
	correct naming conventions as well.

2003-12-03 21:53  jmiller

	* added TODO to docs

2003-12-03 15:21  jmiller

	*, Makefile.PL: added PREREQ_PM's to the Makefile.PL,
	fixed docs on requirements (GD doesn't have to be a 2.x release, I
	have it working fine on a 1.41 GD)

2003-12-02 21:19  jmiller

	* Changes: updated changes - tagged as Rel-1_015

2003-12-02 21:15  jmiller

	* README: updated REAME w/ new documentation format

2003-12-02 21:13  jmiller

	* More documentation tweeks

2003-12-02 20:18  sjackson

	* Fixing a few right and left brases. Added Josh's name
	to the Authors, due to the fact that he did all the leg work on
	getting this up on CPAN.

2003-12-02 19:32  jmiller

	* Changes: updated changes

2003-12-02 19:29  jmiller

	*, README: Re-ordered documentation. Made SYNOPSIS more
	minimal.  Correctted new() documentation (you can pass in hash, not
	a hash referance)

2003-12-02 19:11  jmiller

	* POD formatting update.

2003-12-02 14:45  jmiller

	* removed useless comment

2003-12-02 14:44  jmiller

	* MANIFEST: added examples to manifest

2003-12-02 11:20  jmiller

	* Changes: updated Changes file, and Tagged as release 1.010

2003-12-02 14:38  jmiller

	* examples/: README, wwwtest.cgi: added an example cgi script

2003-12-02 13:57  jmiller

	* README: replaced SRC_IMAGES with [lib install dir]/Authen/Captcha

2003-12-02 13:57  jmiller

	* fixed replacement definition for SRC_IMAGES in pod

2003-12-02 12:15  jmiller

	* Fixed file locking (they were all exclusive write
	locks... modified ones where we were just reading to read locks)

2003-12-02 12:10  jmiller

	* moved srand(...seed....) to new()

2003-12-02 11:46  jmiller

	*, Changes, README: added INSTALLATION to pod
	documentation, dumped pod to README

2003-12-02 11:19  jmiller

	* Changes: updated changes

2003-12-02 11:20  jmiller

	* Changes: updated Changes file, and Tagged as release 1.006

2003-12-02 01:17  jmiller

	* MANIFEST: updated MANIFEST with all images

2003-12-02 00:36  jmiller

	*, Changes, Makefile.PL, README, t/1.t: changed
	namespace from Crypt::Captcha to Authen::Captcha after looking over
	compete module list on CPAN... Authen now seems more appropriate.

2003-12-01 21:23  jmiller

	* updated documentation

2003-12-01 20:52  jmiller

	* Captcha/images/: 2.png, 3.png, 4.png, 5.png, 6.png, 7.png, 8.png,
	9.png, Thumbs.db, a.png, b.png, background1.png, background2.png,
	background3.png, background4.png, background5.png, c.png, d.png,
	e.png, f.png, g.png, h.png, i.png, j.png, k.png, l.png, m.png,
	n.png, o.png, p.png, q.png, r.png, s.png, t.png, u.png, v.png,
	w.png, x.png, y.png, z.png: adding static image data

2003-12-01 20:45  jmiller

	* Makefile.PL, t/1.t: had to change the PM_FILTER, and the test to
	hack around the imagesfolder stuff

2003-12-01 20:23  jmiller

	*, t/1.t: fixed "use of uninitialized value" that was in
	checkCode (last 4 lines... if $newdata was empty, it'd complain
	when warnings were on).  Added tests for the new imagesfolder()

2003-12-01 20:13  jmiller

	*, Makefile.PL, t/1.t: Changed a LOT... fixed lots of
	bugs, changed imagesfolder to outputfolder, and added a new
	imagesfolder that does something completely different.

2003-12-01 11:02  jmiller

	* updated to have default values for:
	expire, width, height

2003-12-01 01:06  jmiller

	*, Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, license.txt,
	t/1.t: adding in Captcha distribution

2003-11-30 23:49  jmiller

	* original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-b 5.5.3 -XAn Authen::Captcha

2003-11-15 07:11  jmiller

	* branched off of "FirstProductions Human Test 1.0"
		- it's a "perl library" that can be require'd into other scripts
		  but was written with many globals with hardcoded configs
		  and poor structure.