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Revision history for Perl extension B::Graph.

0.01  First public release, as seen on p5p

0.02  Tue Jun 17 21:18:26 1997
	- Makefile.PL version created by h2xs 1.18
	- Added README
	- Minor cleanups, fixed SYNOPSIS
	- Enhanced realism of pink pointers

0.03  Tue Jan 27 1998
	- Limited length of string values printed
	- Limited number of edges from one node for VCG
	- Made FILEGV links optional
	- Eliminated `pp_' prefix on OP nodes
	- Enhanced OP_NULL handling to show op_targ as old type
	- Shortened private [INP]OK abbreviations
	- Made special SVs SV-shaped
	- Cleaned up globals to make multiple calls possible

0.50  Sat Aug 1 1998
	- Moved to beta-level along with rest of compiler
	- Increased version number to 0.50 for beta
	- Cleanups motivated by -w
	- Fixed dual string/numeric value SVs
	- Made all SV field labels all-caps
	- Added edge classes for VCG
	- Removed PMOP fields gone in recent development versions
	- Made op_seq and op_type optional
	- Made run-order actually walk in run-order
	- Distinguished between op_nexts and other runtime pointers
	- Removed `op_' prefix on OP fields
	- Removed bogus `CVOP' class

0.51  Sun Dec 31 2000
	- Turned off fileGVs in versions that don't have them
	- Minor doc cleanups
	- Changed my email address