Revision history for B-Hooks-EndOfScope

0.26      2022-02-21 05:35:44Z
  - update bundled version of ExtUtils::HasCompiler, for new new Apple
    include paths

0.25      2021-10-10 19:34:55Z
  - add test of dieing inside an on_scope_end() (PR#8)

0.24      2018-04-21 14:11:08Z
  - no changes since last trial release

0.23      2018-03-17 23:33:09Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - improve use of constants in compile-time perl version checks

0.22      2018-03-17 19:31:37Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Fix memory corruption on perls 5.8.0 - 5.8.3

0.21      2016-05-25 18:34:46Z
  - work with Object::Remote by removing require() call on Tie::StdHash in PP

0.20      2016-05-06 16:42:50Z
  - remove unnecessary and erroneous extra crud in inc/

0.19      2016-05-03 00:49:01Z
  - bundled an updated ExtUtils::HasCompiler, to support building with a
    noexec $TMPDIR.

0.18      2016-04-21 15:22:10Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fixed unnecessary inlining of ExtUtils::HasCompiler dependencies

0.17      2016-04-21 11:25:35Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Makefile.PL now checks for a working compiler using ExtUtils::HasCompiler
    (inlined into the build) rather than ExtUtils::CBuilder (RT#113685)

0.16      2015-09-19 19:01:04Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - more Makefile.PL updates - these contain slight functionality changes,
    hence the trial release

0.15      2015-05-14 21:46:06Z
  - updated the tooling for generating Makefile.PL
  - removed Tie::StdHash from prereqs, which is not require()able as a module
    on its own (despite being indexed) (miyagawa, GH #3)
  - fixed the addition in release 0.14 of Hash::Util::FieldHash as a
    prerequisite (which is not available prior to perl 5.010) for pure-perl
    installations (RT#104435)

0.14      2015-01-31 23:59:03Z
  - line numbers in shipped code are now the same as the repository source,
    for easier debugging
  - more accurate dynamic prereq declarations

0.13      2014-01-07 21:17:39Z
  - Variable::Magic added as a runtime recommendation for greater visibility
  - fixed broken logic in compiler detection on older perls
  - fixed inaccurate repository metadata

0.12   2012-12-04 20:13:00Z
  - Complete pure-perl implementation in addition to the one based on
    Variable::Magic. You can specify the implementation explicitly by
    use-ing B::Hooks::EndOfScope::PP or B::Hooks::EndOfScope::XS, or
    or 'PP'
  - Switch from using Sub::Exporter to the more conservative

0.11   2012-02-23 10:19:18Z
  - A minor efficiency improvement.

0.10   2012-02-16 08:41:54Z
  - Stop propagating our magic through localisation.

0.09   2010-05-07 20:11:49Z
  - Improve distribution metadata.

0.08   2009-04-19 17:15:44Z
  - Depend on Variable::Magic 0.34 so exceptions during compile time that
    trigger a destructor don't cause an exception on 5.10 anymore.

0.07   2009-02-20 13:22:16Z
  - Depend on Variable::Magic 0.31 so exceptions thrown in on_scope_end
    blocks don't lose their error message.

0.06   2009-01-18 23:51:45Z
  - Depend on Variable::Magic 0.27 to stop exceptions thrown in
    on_scope_end blocks from segfaulting. Also add a test for that.

0.05   2009-01-04 19:46:07Z
  - Use Variable::Magic and cast %^H instead Scope::Guard and relying
    on a timely destruction of objects within %^H. This fixes using
    on_scope_end in blocks where string evals are compiled as those
    increment the refcount of objects in %^H on 5.10.

0.04   2008-10-20 10:56:23Z
  - Remove an unused bit from the $^H mask.

0.03   2008-10-20 04:53:20Z
  - Improve testing of multiple hooks.
  - More documentation.
  - Require perl 5.8.0.

0.02   2008-10-19 08:25:15Z
  - Specify all dependencies.

0.01   2008-10-19 07:29:13Z
  - Initial release.