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Revision history for B-Lint

1.20    2014-10-26
      - install to archlib, as was done in 1.17 and previous, to avoid being
        skipped over because of and older install appearing first in @INC

1.19    2014-10-23
        another fix for blead, now to support METHOP

1.18    2014-09-29
        apply fix for perl v5.21.4

1.17    2013-0126
        make the use of "deprecate" conditional

1.16    2013-01-23
        install to sitelib, not corelib on 5.12.0 and later

1.15    2013-01-23
        Merge changes from perl core:
        - Stop the indexer from processing private modules

        Add warning that B::Lint will be removed from core, if used from core

1.13    2011-07-09
        Merge changes from perl core:
         - Fix typos

1.12    2010-07-10
        Require Perl 5.6.0 or later (Closes RT#52492)

        Fix spelling error in a warning (Closes RT#56089)

        Merge changes from perl core:
         - Fix a pod error
         - Adjust to new core module layout
         - Enable strictures and warnings for tests
         - Improve diagnostic for test failures
         - Add a VERSION to B::Lint::Debug

1.11    2007-10-08
        Giving credit is important.

1.10    2007-10-08
        Installs over core B::Lint.

1.09    2007-02-07
        First version that's separate from bleadperl