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Revision history for Perl extension B::Utils1.

1.05 (rurban)

   - Remove unrelated t/z_leaktrace.t

1.04 (rurban)

   - Move build/ to lib/B/Utils1/Install/
     make test_cover mistakes build as MB script.

1.03 (rurban)

   - Add $trace_removed and file/line for removed COPs (Rocky Bernstein)
     Simplify t/40walk.t to use it.

1.02 (rurban)

   - Fix PAUSE permissions for build/
     Provide it even if now optionally user-generated.
   - Allow building without ExtUtils::Depends.
     Remove get_makefile_vars(), which only provided our typemap,
     which is not needed to link with external modules.

1.01 (rurban)

   - Merge jbenjore/B-Utils/pull/9 by Andres Schwab
     A pointer when viewed as signed integer may look negative.
   - add to repo

1.0 (rurban)
   - Fork of B::Utils 0.27, which does not work with newer perls and is unmaintained.
   - Provide a backwards compatible B::OP::parent, patching the core B module.
   - Fix build/ updates, need ExtUtils::Depends with DD SortKeys
   - Merge OP.xs into Utils1.xs
   - Merge BUtils_op.h into BUtils1.h
   - Update ppport.h
   - Add 5.22 support: METHOP, UNOP_AUX, fixed wrong classnames
   - Add more author tests
   - Fixed t/z_version.t

See B::Utils for the older history