Revision history for Best

0.15    2012-12-07
        Distro cleanups.

0.14    2011-10-26
        Drop Build.PL from the distribution; it is no longer supported
        by Module::Install. Thanks to Gregor Herrmann for the report.
        Document new home for real.

0.13    2011-10-25
        Misc distro cleanups.
          Clarify license is MIT
          Update Module::Install
          Document new home for source

0.12    2009-01-18
        Preload mro in tests, unbreaking them in bleadperl (thanks,
        nothingmuch for the fix).

0.11    2006-12-14
        Fixed single method imports. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for
        the report.

0.10    2006-09-30
        Doc fixes and cleanups.

0.09    2006-09-30

0.08    2006-09-30
        Added features:
          Arbitrary code substitutable for modules
          Minimum version checking
          Pre-loading validation
          Post-loading validation
          Per-module import lists
        Generated templated tests
        Fix "no viable module" message to report all encountered
        errors, not just the one from the last module.

0.07    2006-08-29
        POD fix.

0.06    2006-06-30
        Use parens around args to carp, which was broken in bleadperl.
        Thanks to Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn for the report. Closes

0.05    2006-06-28
        Add C<which> method to query which alternative succeeded.

0.04    2006-06-27
        Doc fix.

0.03    2006-06-27
        Doc fix.

0.02    2006-06-27
        Don't shove debugging routines to main::

0.01    2006-06-25
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.