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$Id: Changes,v 1.12 2016/11/28 22:18:22 mike Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension Biblio::EndnoteStyle.

0.06  Mon Nov 28 22:17:19 GMT 2016
	- Fix a POD error and a typo -- from
	  by Florian Schlichting <>

0.05  Thu Oct  4 01:07:14 BST 2007
	- Field names may contain digits.
	- Horrible but useful special case: when inserting a field
	  called URL, if the value does not begin with a schema then
	  "http://" is prepended.

0.04  Wed Mar 14 11:14:57 GMT 2007
	- Templates may now contain |-separated components consisting
	  only of whitespace.  (That they couldn't previously was a
	- Templates now correctly interpret backquotes surrounding a
	  word for force its interpretation as a literal rather than a
	- Much better test-suite.

0.03  Sat Feb 17 22:09:38 GMT 2007
	- Downgrade "use 5.008" in lib/Biblio/ to
	  5.006, to match what's specified in Makefile.PL.

0.02  Fri Feb 16 01:16:32 GMT 2007
	- Properly implement non-breaking space "¬", which was
	  previously rendered as a literal.
	- Tweak the rules so that a field that exists but is undefined
	  in the data hash is treated as an absent field rather than a
	- Add debug() method to the formatter, causing compiled
	  templates to be dumped to standard error.
	- Add command-line script "bin/endnote-format", to allow the
	  library to be simply exercised.
	- Improvements to documentation.

0.01  Mon Jan 22 22:03:12 2007
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X --name=Biblio::EndnoteStyle --compat-version=5.6.0 --omit-constant --skip-exporter --skip-ppport
	- This release is functional but incomplete: many, many more
	  test cases are needed, and adding these will no doubt
	  require fixes to the code.  Nevertheless, the module is
	  useful as it stands.