Version 1.07
        * Allow -types to be used as an alias for -type in calls to features()
	  and get_seq_stream().

Version 1.06
	* Strip whitespace from the ends of BigWigSet metadata files.

Version 1.05
	* Added patch to Jim Kent build tree to allow for compilation on
	MacOS X.

Version 1.04 
	 * Added the following methods to Bio::DB::BigWig::Summary objects: 
	 chr_stats(),    chr_mean(),    chr_stdev(), 
	 global_stats(), global_mean(), global_stdev().
	 * Fixed BigWigSet->get_feature_by_id() to return correct class of
	   object (e.g. summary).

Version 1.03
	* Added a get_seq_stream() method to BigWig summary objects so that users can
	  easily access the intervals underlying a statistical summary.

Version 1.02
	* BigWigSet now operates correctly on remote HTTP and FTP directories.
	* Added instructions and patch file for compiling on MacOSX platforms.

Version 1.01 
        * fixed bug in build process -- not finding jkweb.a library or
	header files when path entered at the prompt.

Version 1.0
	* first release

Version 0.95 Sun Mar 21 18:40:02 CET 2010
	* Documentation mostly done.
        * High level interfaces to BigWig and BigBed now pretty-compatible with BioPerl
Version 0.9 Thu Mar 11 23:16:00 EST 2010
	* Fixed bug in Bio::DB::BigWig->seq_ids
	* Added support for udcSetDefaultDir
Version 0.01 Thu Feb  4 10:01:29 EST 2010
	* Initial design.