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Revision history for Perl extension Bio::SDRS.

0.11  Sat Jan 03 11:03:42 2014
	Add Inline::C as a prerequsite.
0.10  Sun Mar 11 20:32:00 2012
	- Correct an error with setting step sizes for low magnitude responses.

0.09  Tue Feb 28 12:09:00 2012
	- Based on an error report from Eric Gunther, corrected a
        divide by zero error. Test cases updated to reflect possibility.

0.05  Sun Jul  3 23:40:01 2011
 	- Changed dose output formatting to make it use less precision
	for comparison purposes. Also, force use of LC_ALL environment
 	variable set to C to make sorting consistent.

0.04  Sat Jul  2 21:15:01 2011
	- Added a precision control to the output for ec50data method so
	the test output would have controlled rounding and lead to fewer
	discrepancies. Added documentation to script and modified
	the makefile so it would be included as an executable.
0.01  Sun Feb  6 14:31:01 2011
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		--omit-autoload --omit-XS --name=Bio::SDRS --compat-version=5.8.0