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Revision history for Perl extension Bitcoin::Crypto.

2.004 Tue Apr 23 2024
	- documentation fixes and improvements

	[Breaking changes]
	- removed deprecated Bitcoin::Crypto::Segwit package

2.003 Thu Oct 26 2023
	- fixed undefined value warnings when dumping input without an address
	- documentation improvements

2.002 Sun Oct 22 2023
	[New features]
	- added Bitcoin::Crypto::Util::get_address_type (address validation and recognition)
	- added autodetection of standard scripts from address with [address => $string]

	- added generic parent exception classes for Bech32, Base58 and Address exceptions
	- documentation and test improvements

	[Changes and fixes]
	- btc_extprv->from_mnemonic with $lang argument will now get rid of extra whitespace from the mnemonic
	- fix not checking length of legacy address type when creating standard script

2.001 Tue Oct 17 2023
	[New features]
	- added P2TR scripts, which can now be created and added as outputs to transactions

	- minor changes to tests and non-essential traits of the code

2.000 Sun Oct 15 2023
	[New features]
	- added transaction system
	- added script execution system
	- added more examples
	- added manual
	- many minor additions all across the board

	- all functions and methods now check their input arguments
	- test suite has been refactored
	- better handling of bytestrings with format descriptions (see Manual)
	- better exception handling and reporting

	[Changes and deprecations]
	- various format-specific methods like from_hex, to_bytes are now deprecated in all packages
	- simple serialization methods are now called from_serialized and to_serialized in all packages
	- methods generate_mnemonic and mnemonic_from_entropy have been moved to Bitcoin::Crypto::Util
	- deprecate Bitcoin::Crypto::Segwit (use Bitcoin::Crypto::Util::validate_segwit)
	- deprecate Bitcoin::Crypto::Script->get_script (use to_serialized)
	- deprecate Bitcoin::Crypto::Script->get_script_hash (use get_hash)
	- deprecate Bitcoin::Crypto::Key::Private->new (use from_serialized)
	- deprecate Bitcoin::Crypto::Key::Public->new (use from_serialized)

	[Breaking changes]
	- removed second argument from sign_message and verify_message. Now always uses hash256 to digest

1.008 Sat Jan 7 2023
	- add clear_purpose method, which disables purpose security checks on a key
	- documentation fixes

1.007 Sat May 14 2022
	- extended keys derived using BIP44 scheme now use specific serialization according to BIP49 and BIP84
	- basic keys derived using BIP44 scheme now prevent incorrect type of address from being generated
	- Segregated Witness compatibility addresses can no longer be generated when there's no segwit_hrp config in network

1.006 Fri May 13 2022
	- add predefined 'dogecoin' and 'dogecoin_testnet' networks (thanks @chromatic)
	- add 'get_account' option to BIP44 to get derivation path only up the account part
	- BIP44 'index' is no longer required - uses 0 by default
	- slightly improved documentation
	- switch to Dist::Zilla

1.005 Sat Nov 6 2021
	- update CryptX dependency to fix compatibility with the latest Math::BigInt

1.004 Sat Oct 30 2021
	- BIP44 implementation now also supports BIP49 and BIP84 via its 'purpose' parameter

1.003 Sat Oct 9 2021
	- fix return value of set_network method in key instances to match documentation
	- update CryptX dependency and check the version of optional GMP dependency to fix testers

1.002 Wed Sep 22 2021
	- implement bech32m encoding and use it in segwit v1+ addresses
	- fix bech32 encoding by removing mandatory bit translation - old behavior can be achieved by using new translate_ functions
	- change encode_bech32 and decode_bech32 input and output format
	- add new Bitcoin::Crypto::Bech32 exported functions: translate_5to8 and translate_8to5
	- remove Bitcoin::Crypto::Bech32::split_bech32 from exported functions

1.001 Thu Sep 9 2021
	- prefer GMP to LTM backend in Math::BigInt

1.000 Sun Sep 5 2021
	- end of the beta phase
	- imported mnemonics must now be proper unicode strings (important for non-english mnemonics)
	- module will now use Crypt::Perl when available to produce deterministic signatures
	- add Bitcoin::Crypto::Util::mnemonic_to_seed function
	- set_compressed method on keys now properly handles undefined values
	- code refactors and documentation improvements

0.997 Fri Jun 11 2021
	- implement BIP44 derivation paths
	- add derive_key_bip44 helper to extended private key class
	- remove previously deprecated Exception::KeySign
	- refactor testing out of examples
	- minor documentation improvements
	- fix distribution metadata
	- change how internal constants are handled

0.996 Thu Jan 7 2021
	- deprecate Exception::KeySign in favor of Exception::Sign
	- add Exception::Verify, trapping CryptX exceptions during signature verification
	- replace Throwable dependency with custom error class
	- add explicit version number to each of module's files
	- improve bytestring checking - now throws exceptions for undefs and refs
	- improve error trapping - now properly executes eval
	- improve documentation
	- improved test suite (now covers some edge cases)

0.995 Wed Sep 16 2020
	- downgrade and fix dependencies
	- fix minimum perl version
	- improve documentation
	- explicitly document beta version

0.994 Sun Sep 06 2020
	- remove Math::EllipticCurve::Prime dependency - replaced with custom function
	- remove Math::BigInt::GMP dependency - replaced with LTM
	- replace most of Base58 module internals with CryptX, leave the module for Base58Check
	- remove base58_preserve functions - standard Base58 encoding decoding now preserves null bytes
	- replace type checks with Type::Tiny
	- add mnemonic_from_entropy method to Bitcoin::Crypto::Key::ExtPrivate
	- verify bytestrings on method inputs (exception is thrown)
	- remove trash methods from classes (namespace::clean)
	- performance improvements
	- update dependencies
	- improve documentation
	- tidy up source files with perltidy

0.993 Thu Jan 30 2020
	- replace some dependencies with CryptX functions
	- add shortcut functions in Bitcoin::Crypto package (autoloading of important classes)
	- more tests and docs
	- repo cleanup

0.992 Sun Jan 12 2020
	- change Bitcoin::Crypto::Network register method to accept a plain hash (instead of a hashref)
	- run examples during tests

0.991 Wed Jan 08 2020
	- rewrite Bitcoin::Crypto::Network to Moo (changed interface)
	- add examples directory and bip44 implementation example
	- 32 bit compatibility attempt
	- add the missing test to distribution

0.99 Sun Jan 05 2020
	- almost complete rewrite of the module
	- added extended keys
	- added segwit compatibility
	- added script execution
	- many small improvements
	- beta relase - yet to be tested in a realistic environment

0.02 Fri Nov 23 2018
	- enable package on ealier Perl versions
	- remove pack_hex from Bitcoin::Crypto::Util
	- add pad_hex to Bitoin::Crypto::Helpers

0.01  Mon Nov 15 2018
	- first version