Revision history for Perl extension Bryar.

4.0 - 2009-10-25
    - First release by new maintainer Marco d'Itri.
    - Fixed and improved the calendar template.
    - Removed debugging statements from posts_calendar().
    - Added support for FastCGI using CGI::Fast.
    - Use croak instead of exit in report_error() or FastCGI processes will die.
    - Made report_error() return status 500.
    - HTML-escape the text output by report_error().
    - Added a Renderer class which generates a Google sitemap using
    - Use Template::Provider::Encoding to support non-ASCII posts.
    - Moved the Template Toolkit macros to a common file.
    - Added the ".tt2" extension to the calendar template.
    - Added macros to print DateTime objects as ISO 8601 and RFC 822 strings.
    - Updated the ATOM template to the 1.0 format.
    - Added a Bryar::Document::url() method useful in templates to get the
      relative URL of posts.
    - Fixed the permalinks when categories are used.
    - Added support to generate arbitrary HTTP headers. Templates can modify
      them by manipulating the bryar.http_headers hash.
    - Added support for caching the formatted pages using Cache::Cache.
    - Return a 404 error when no posts matching the parameters are available.
    - Treat all input and output streams as UTF-8.
    - Added to the URL parser support for requesting posts older than a certain
      date, using the format /before_<timestamp>. Updated the HTML template.
    - Cleaned up the default templates.
    - Removed from the Template::Toolkit environment the "recent" and "archive"
      variables. They are undocumented, not used in the example template and
      cost two extra runs of the collector.
    - HTML-escape errors reported by Template::Toolkit.
    - Added support for the If-Modified-Since HTTP validator.
    - Instantiate the renderer/source/collector/frontend classes if they have
      a constructor.
    - Ignore commented and empty lines in the configuration file.
    - Made the FlatFile data source not automatically replace a double \n
      with a <p> tag. This is an incompatible change.
    - Replaced some uses of die with report_error().
    - Optimization: cut two stat(2) calls from each call to make_document().
    - Optimization: cache getpwuid(3) calls because they parse /etc/passwd
      every time.
    - Example: render new posts as text and post them to a newsgroup.
    - Example: fastcgi daemon with a lighttpd configuration.
    - Example: a simple WYSIWYG editor for posts, based on fckeditor.

3.1 - 2009-05-28
    - remote execution bug fixed

3.0 - 2007-01-20
    - First release by new maintainer David Cantrell
    - Comments now accept an 'email' field from the user
    - The default Template Toolkit renderer has a lot more of TT's options
      turned on to support more complex templates
    - For the FlatFile datasource *only* (but this is the default source):
      - journal entries whose files' timestamps are in the future are
      - you *must* specify your email address so you can be notified of
      - comments are emailed to the journal's owner by shelling out to the
        'mail' program
      - comments are now subject to a crude spam filter:
        - the string 'http://' appearing three or more times is presumed to
          be spam, and the comment is simply thrown away
        - the string 'http://' appearing one or two times means the comment
          might be spam and the journal's owner is emailed so he can decide
          whether to add it to the *.comments file by hand or not

2.6 - Wed Feb 11 11:35:16 GMT 2004
    - Static rendering
    - Fixes to accessors
    - CGI micro-optimization.

2.5 - Sun Feb  8 21:26:16 GMT 2004
    - Emergency release - unbreak comments.

2.4 - Sun Feb  8 15:12:21 GMT 2004
    - Get default MIME types right
    - Refactor FlatFile to allow selecting post extensions, etc.

2.3 - Fri Jan 23 13:21:18 GMT 2004
    - Added ETag support from Marco d'Itri
    - Added calendars, again from Marco d'Itri

2.2 - Fri Jan 23 12:57:18 GMT 2004
    - Added the dummy files that *really* allow a runthrough without
    - Added support for Atom, made this generic by allowing you to register
      your own formats and skins.
    - Added an Atom template, thanks to Steve Peters

2.1 - Thu Dec 11 13:55:09 GMT 2003
    - Bryar::DataSource::Base now returns a true value, which is always
    - Added a dated flatfile data source.
    - Tweaks to the test suite to allow a runthrough without mod_perl

2.0 - Sat Aug 16 13:42:15 BST 2003
    - Experimental Mod_perl handler
    - Experimental DBI driver

1.2 - Sat Jun 14 22:50:06 BST 2003
    - Added support for comments.

1.1  Sat May 24 18:46:33 BST 2003
    - HTML fix and duplicate Cwd removed, thanks to Matt Cashner.
    - Allowed searching for content of flat-file documents
    - Used subblogs to set category
    - Make times gmtime, not local; helps with 8601 compliance.

1.0  Sun May 18 21:05:33 2003
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -b 5.6.0 -AXn Bryar