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Revision history for Perl module Business::ISBN

3.009 2024-02-10T21:46:10Z
	* refresh distro, update email addresses, move to BRIANDFOY

3.008 2023-03-23T19:56:57Z
	* Fix test for GitHub #24. An ISBN that was invalid is now valid.

3.007 2022-01-09T04:33:56Z
	* no code changes. Fix a link in README.pod.

3.006 2021-01-19T14:44:51Z
	* freshen distro, dump Travis CI, add Github Actions
	* New Business::ISBN::Data is on the way too

3.005 2019-12-11T20:27:13Z
	* Peter Williams fixed a big problem with ISBN-13 (GitHub #12)
	* You'll need to update Business::ISBN::Data too because Peter
	adjusted the structure of the underlying data structure.

3.004 2017-04-24T20:02:52Z
	* Remove Mojo dependencies after splitting out Business::xISBN
	(Michiel Beijen)
	* Remove unneeded code from the checksumming stuff (Mike O'Regan)
	* We now test on Windows through AppVeyor

3.003 2016-09-19T22:03:24Z
	* Clarify everywhere that I'm using Artistic License 2.0

3.002 2016-08-10T09:30:21Z
	* Bump to stable versions

3.001_01 2016-08-06T08:14:59Z
	* Remove xisbn stuff—it's due to be turned off.
	* Bump the major version for the API change

2.011_01 2016-07-29T20:50:01Z
	* Remove the URI prereq

2.011 2016-06-07T18:20:50Z
	* bump to stable release

2.010_01 2016-03-28T03:45:17Z
	* Had error_* methods to get the error text and check the error
	conditions so you don't have to use %ERROR_TEXT or the constants.
	* Deprecate the xisbn stuff. It's still there, but it should have
	disappeared about two weeks ago.
	* Add an example of inserting an unofficial group code for the
	Blake and Taylor shenanigans.

2.010 2015-12-15T07:35:57Z
	* Sync latest dependencies in build and module files
	* Promote to a stable release

2.09_02 - Mon Aug 31 02:24:10 2015
	* Have a simple fallback for parsing XML if Mojo::DOM isn't there

2.09_01 2015-08-31T05:59:56Z
	* Fix for new xISBN responses that have whitespace inside the
	opening tag.
	* Use Mojo::DOM to parse XML and Mojo::UserAgent to fetch xISBN.
	* You can still use LWP::UserAgent to fetch data.

2.09 - 2014-09-20
	* Break circular dependency on Test::ISBN

2.08 - 2014-09-19
	* Add increment and decrement to create new article numbers
	(Markus Spann)

2.07 - 2014-01-03
	* Get rid of MYMETA

2.06 - 2013-05-31
	* Bump to a stable user release. There are no code changes.

2.05_03 - 2012-08-05
	* Fix test with now-valid group code (RT 78671)

2.05_01 - 2011-07-19
	* Update the URL for the Worldcat stuff so xisbn works.
	* Various distro cleanups.

2.05 - 2009-01-25
	* Updated for latest data in Business::ISBN::Data

2.04_01 - 2008-10-27
	* Revert the GD prereq. A lot of testers have borked GD
	* Require 5.8. Some of the new stuff isn't playing well with

2.04 - 2008-10-26
	* Fix tests that used 99902 as a bad prefix. That now
	belongs to Gabon.

2.03 - 2007-10-27
	* adjustments to make png_barcode.t actually work (RT #30291)

2.03 - 2007-10-02
	* Fixed minor distro problems and bumped to release version 2.03

2.02_05 - 2007-09-12
	* Explore RT #29292. I don't seem to have the problem with
	hyphens for ISBN-13, but let's see what CPAN Testers has to

2.02_04 - 2007-09-01
	* [BUGFIX] ISBN13 was returning "Bookland" for all groups, but
	it shouldn't do that. Now it returns the same thing you'd
	get from ISBN10 (e.g. "English", "German", ... ).

2.02_03 - 2007-09-01
	* [BUGFIX] RT 29089 - I had the wrong _max_length for ISBN13. That 13
	is the hint that it should be 13. :)

2.02_02 - 2007-08-25
	* [FEATURE] added exportable function valid_isbn_checksum that
	takes care of all of the object stuff for you and just gives
	you the answer. In previous docs, this was called is_valid_checksum
	even though that conflicted with an object method. It was
	documented but never implemented. Now it's there. :)
	* [BUGFIX] now should pass tests under 5.6.2, after a bit of
	backporting. Upgrade already people! :)

2.02_01 - 2007-08-17
	* Don't import import() from Exporter. There are a lot of people
	(apparently) using very old perls, not just CPAN Testers.

2.02 - 2007-08-15
	* fixes RT #28843: an ISBN-13 with a bad prefix shouldn't croak,
	but return an object that explains the error.

2.01 - 2007-08-12
	* Official release of Business::ISBN to handle ISBN-13
	* Does not handle 979- numbers yet (need publisher data for that)
	* Does handle 978-numbers, which is the 10 digit ISBN with a
	different "country code", so it uses the same publisher data
	* There are significant API changes to handle the new stuff. It's
	not so bad, but test it before you rip out the old Business::ISBN

2.00_01 - 2007-03-14
	* Completely redone internals to handle ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
	* Some interface changes to Business::ISBN 1.x
	* Removed exportable functions.

1.84 - 2007-01-09
	* updated copyright and license info
	* no code changes, so no need to upgrade

1.82 - 2005-08-14
	* fixed up publisher code validation, since 0 can be a valid
	code. I hadn't run into one of those before, and now I know
	I wasn't doing that right.
	* This is an important code change. Everyone should upgrade.

1.81 - 2005-08-13
	* exposed the country group name as the country() method

1.80 - 2005-03-08
	* added POD coverage tests and documented the uncovered methods
	it found

1.79 - 2004-12-14
	* Updated tests for new ISBN data: previously invalid ISBNs are now
	valid.  The latest data is in Business::ISBN::Data 1.09 and is current
	as of November 2004.
	* You don't need this version of Business::ISBN if you already have it,
	although you should get the latest Business::ISBN::Data.

1.78 - 2004-11-21
	* Require the latest version on Business::ISBN::Data, which was
	unbundled in the last version.  You need Business::ISBN::Data 1.08
	to pass the latest tests that check for the new ranges the ISBN
	folks assigned a couple of years ago.

1.77 - 2004-10-27
	* removed Business::ISBN::Data, which is now a separate module so
	you can update the data without updating the rest of the stuff.
	Previously, would install Business::ISBN::Data as a
	prerequisite, and this distribution would come along and overwrite
	it with old data.  That was a bad thing.

1.76 - 2004-10-08
	* somehow this module went missing from CPAN, so here it is again
	* no need to upgrade if you have the previous version

1.74 - 2004-09-02
	* another distro fix: some documentation cleanups, and the README
	is now in MANIFEST.  You do not need to upgrade if you already
	have installed this module.

1.73 - 2004-09-02
	* this is a distro fix only.  if you already have Business::ISBN,
	you don't need this

1.72 - 2004-02-11
	* removed errant File::Find::Rule use
	* Check for modules in png_barcode before require-ing them

1.71 - 2004-01-28
	* added xISBN support
	* removed File::Find::Rule, Test::Pod, Test::Prereq dependencies

1.69 - 2002-09-05
	* documentation fixes - that's it

1.68 - 2002-09-04
	* converted to Test::More
	* fixed ean_to_isbn to handle new EAN prefix 979

1.60 - 2001-04-01
	* fixed some POD problems
	* no changes to the actual code

1.59 - 2001-03-27
	* fixed some -w dirty internals
	* clarified documentation for as_string method

1.58 - 2001-03-26
	* there was an error in that failed to
	identify a bug. Andy Lester <>
	found it though.  the constructor was always
	setting $obj->is_valid to BAD_CHECKSUM.  that
	is fixed.
	* version 1.57 should not be used at all.  it
	is severely broken due to that bug.

1.57 - 2001-03-21
	* fixed -w dirty line in is_valid_checksum
	(identified by Andy Lester <>)

1.56 - 2001-03-12
	* fixed problem parsing ISBNs without valid
	country codes which would cause an infinite
	loop. (identified by Andy Lester <>)
	* this module is now kept in a local CVS repository
	* added symbolic constants to replace magic return
	values.  see the docs for details.
	* fixed is_valid_checksum which would issue warnings
	if the string was less than ten characters
	(identified by Adam Thompson <>)
	* added a which still needs more tests to
	reach all of the code.

1.51 - 2001-01-24
	* version 1.5 fixed some bugs with checksums
	* version 1.51 has a few minor doc fixes
	* now we have sane version numbers. :)

20001010 - 2000-09-09
	* fixed some missing arguments to _is_valid.
	* updated contact information
	* added some real tests to
	* everyone should update their installations

19990112 - 1999-01-11
	* added "use Exporter" which was missing.

19980901 - 1998-09-01
	* added support for EAN-13 (isbn -> ean, ean -> isbn )
	* cleaned up other nagging problems
	* if you don't want EAN13, then you don't need this update

19980329 - 1998-03-29
	* original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	* gutsy enough to actually release it for testing and comments