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0.05  Wed, Aug 5, 2015

  * Fixed Callable's broken handling of void argument lists.
  * Boolean precedent was not being handled correctly. Since Perl always
    returns the last evaluated statement, this wasn't actually a problem.
    However, if any new code was added, it would be, so Perl 5.20 started to
    warn. That broke tests. Precedence is fixed and everything works again.

0.04  Mon, Sep 1, 2013

  * Added Alien::TinyCC at the specific version v0.05
  * Removed silly author tests.
  * Added git commit hook to check for updates to the Changes file. Hopefully
    this document will be more accurate moving forward. :-)
  * Added support for Travis CI.

0.03  Mon, Aug 26, 2013

  * Added Alien::TinyCC at the specific version v0.03
  * For testing, we now depend on Test::Exception and Test::Warn.
  * Differentiated between compiler warnings and errors. Still doesn't handle
    multiple warnings properly, though.
  * Build.PL indicates the proper repository and bug tracker, and indicates that
    README.pod should not be indexed. Hopefully that solves the issue of the
    REAMDE being shown instead of the module's documentation on MetaCPAN.

0.02  Tue, Aug 20, 2013

  * C::TinyCompiler now depends on Alien::TinyCC

0.01  Sun, Aug 18, 2013

  Initial release!
  C::TinyCompiler::Perl remains untested, along with its brethren, apart from
  ::Perl::Croak, which is tested and used by other packages.
  C::TinyCompiler::Callable works!
  C::TinyCompiler::StretchyBufer works!