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The build file for CACertOrg::CA

This build file is a modulino; it works as both a build script and a module.

To build the distribution, run this file normally:

        % perl Makefile.PL

But, it's more interesting than that. You can load it with require and call arguments to get the data structure it passes to WriteMakefile:

        my $package = require '/path/to/Makefile.PL';
        my $arguments = $package->arguments;

Note that require-ing a file makes an entry in %INC for exactly that name. If you try to require another file with the same name, even from a different path, require thinks it has already loaded the file. As such, I recommend you always require the full path to the file.

The return value of the require is a package name (in this case, the name of the main module. Use that to call the arguments method.

Even if this distribution needs a higher version of Perl, this bit only needs v5.8. You can play with the data structure with a primitive Perl.