Revision history for Perl distribution Win32-Mechanize-NotepadPlusPlus

v0.006001 2021-Nov-25
    - Update test suite again for FreeBSD: doesn't need to cover
      "STL-unpatched.t" (#13)
    - Fix MANIFEST.SKIP to not bundle the .github folder in the

v0.006 2021-Nov-25
    - Try to prevent FreeBSD from freezing during test suite: skip
      offending tests which cover, as that module
      isn't needed in FreeBSD (#13)

v0.005 2021-Nov-23
    - Accidentally emptied {provides} with v0.004, so _none_ were indexed.
      Fixed. (#7)
    - Added CAD::Mesh3D::FormatSTL, and have CAD::Mesh3D::STL automatically
      pick CAD::Format::STL if > v0.2.1, and pick my module (which is just)
      the patched of the other) if <= v0.2.1.  (#11)

v0.004 2021-Nov-21
    - My patched CAD::Format::STL was still being indexed, despite notice
      being auto-installed.  Added no_index and did the multi-line package
      command to try to avoid being indexed (#7)

v0.003 2020-Oct-25
    - Don't auto-patch CAD::Format::STL, so move the binmode check back to xt,
      get rid of the patching script, and provide a link to the patched file
      from the POD. (#7)
    - t\STL-outputStl.t: get rid of English dependency for system-based error
      messages (#6)
    - automatically propagate version number to all modules, and make copyright
      notice consistent throughout

v0.002 2020-Oct-24
    - Initial public release

    - Initial pre-release development