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Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-FillInForm

1.15 06/22/09
    (No code changes)
    - Fix "fill_password" typo (Fred Steinberg)

1.14 09/13/05
    - added Michael Graham to dist_author in Build.PL
    - lowered prereq of HTML::FillInForm to 1.00
    - indicated that HTML::FillInForm version of 1.04 is recommended
    - changed fill_form() to accept $html being a reference to a
      scalarref.  This is useful for use with templating plugins which
      return a reference to a string (CAP::AnyTemplate and CAP::TT both
      do this):

           my $html = $self->template->process;

           $self->fill_form(\$html, ...);  # it does not matter if $html
                                           # was already a reference

1.13 09/01/05
    - fixed a test failure when using an older version of HTML::FillInForm
    - added dist/ for testing with older versions of
      prerequisite modules.  See the source of that script file for info.

1.12 08/30/05
    - added Michael Graham to list of maintainers in docs to reduce
      confusion over which is the official version

1.12_01 08/23/05
    - To conserve memory, fill_form now returns a reference to the HTML
      output instead of a copy of it (Cees Hek).

1.11    08/15/05
    - added CGI::Application to the prerequisites
    - now mode_param (e.g. 'rm') is always ignored by default
      (i.e. not just when the query is used as the source)

1.10    07/31/05
    - clarified the docs about multiple data sources
    - upped the version number so this package cleanly supercedes all
      previous versions.

1.00_3  07/31/05 (unreleased)
    - now can accept list of data sources (Michael Graham)
    - added tests (Michael Graham)
    - fixed bug where $data was being ignored
    - attempt to re-flag this version as a developer release by changing
      version from 1.0_3 to 1.00_3

1.00_2  07/29/05
    - Ignore 'rm' instead of deleting it.
    - require HTML::FillInForm 1.05 for good measure.

1.00_1   07/28/05
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.