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Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateQuery

1.0.4 December 31 2009
    -Add validation support for app parameters

1.0.3 October 21 2009
    -Bugfixes for multivalued parameters from

1.0.1 July 01 2009
    -Doc update (from markstos)

1.0 June 29 2009
    -Renamed ignore_rest_p to extra_fields_optional and turned off by default
    -Allowed global config'ing of extra_fields_optional
    -added :types flag for more precise importing
    -improved documentation

0.99_4 June 26 2009
    -Added query masking feature (ignore_rest_p flag)
    -Now exporting Params::Validate types with :all tag
    -General documentation updates, clean up

0.99_3 June 8 2009

0.99_2  June 5 2009
        No code changes, just removed some files accidentally added to dist

0.99_1  June 4 2009
        First version, developer release. 'Stable' and tested by author.