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$Id: Changes,v 1.8 2004/01/28 07:04:02 cmdrwalrus Exp $

Revision history for CGI::Auth.

3.00	27 January 2004
	- Version numbers are now restricted to major.minor, to be a proper 'floating point' number, as suggested in perlmodlib.
	- I had to increase the major version number because of it.  From now on, should have no problems discerning which version is newer.
	- The session file name can now be passed to new() in the 'sessfile' parameter, so that it can be stored in a CGI::Session variable (or something else) and doesn't *have* to be passed by cookies or CGI parameters.

2.4.4	10 January 2004
	Added two methods: sfparam_name and sfparam_value, for a more flexible way of passing the session file parameter around.

2.4.3	30 October 2003
	Added MD5 hashes for hidden data (i.e., passwords) instead of 'crypt'.  This is enabled with the '-md5pwd' config option and if enabled is in effect globally.  When the switch is made from crypted data to MD5 hashes, the user data file will need to be recreated.
	Now allows CGI scripts to use the 'prune' function, if the '-cgiprune' option is given.
	CGI::Simple is now supported--just pass a CGI::Simple object ref instead of a CGI one.  CGI::Simple is a drop-in replacement of with all of its CGI-related functionality but without the HTML generation features.
	User data file delimiter character is no longer a pipe (|) because it is a regex special character.  The separator is now a colon (:), so user data files will need to be updated to reflect this--simply changing all pipes to colons should do the trick.

2.4.2	5 August 2003
	Added ability to specify options for HTML::Template, by passing -logintmpl either as a hashref or an existing HTML::Template object.
	Also edited the POD a bit.

2.4.1	17 July 2003
	Some documentation edits.
	Added a simple test suite.

2.4	27 March 2003
	Added storing of IP address in session file.  Now sessions cannot be hijacked from another location.

2.3	Sat Aug 31, 2002
	Added support for HTML::Template templates
	Fixed a few bugs.

2.2	Mon Aug 19, 2002
	Converted to h2xs in preparation for uploading to CPAN.