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Revision history for CGI::Fast

2.17 2023-11-13
    - replace use vars with our
     (GH #23, thanks to mauke)

2.16 2021-09-01
    - skip t/007_socket_perm.t on Cygwin as well as MSWin32
     (GH #20)

2.15 2019-03-29
    - ensure upload hooks are passed to constructor
     (GH #19, thanks to ikegami)

2.14 2019-03-26
    - Add a link to the "you probably shouldn't use" docs

2.13 2017-11-17
    remove use of Test::Deep completely (GH #17)

2.12 2016-11-22
    - tweak docs about overriding STDIN due to interference with POST
      requests (GH #16, thanks to melak)

2.11 2016-11-17
    - make sure we use CGI::Carp as we depend on it (GH #15, thanks to melak)

2.10 2015-06-22
    - Kwalitee improvements in distribution

2.09 2015-03-08
    - Clarify order of use statements when using both CGI and CGI::Fast
    - Replace indirect object notation with ->new

    - Tests for CGI imports and load order

2.07 2015-02-23
    - test added in 2.06 should use File::Temp

2.06 2015-02-23
    - Add support for changing socket permissions. Thanks to powerman
      for the patch and tests

2.05 2014-12-11
    remove useless use of Test::Deep in tests

    this patch was sourced from the fedora perl-devel mailing list[1],
    in which i see more patches for CGI - fedora perl-devel people: if
    you're going to patch modules then please send those patches upstream
    where relevant. many perl modules are now on github (including this
    one) so it's easy, and it prevents alternate versions of modules
    that could lead to frustrating debugging sessions because *your*
    version of FCGI (2.04) is different to what the *real* version of
    FCGI (2.04) is[2].

     * [1]
     * [2] the "real" version of FCGI being that available on CPAN

2.04 2014-10-12
    - Fix tests for recent version of CGI (v4.05+), which removed the
      -private_tempfiles pragma and PRIVATE_TEMPFILES variable, so use
      on that is still available for testing
2.03 2014-09-06
    - Kwalitee improvements in distribution (LICENSE)

    - Add t/006_changes.t to check Changes file

2.02 2014-06-05

    - allow FCGI_SOCKET_PATH and FCGI_LISTEN_QUEUE ENV variables to be
      passed in as import settings, although favour ENV variables if set
    - delay creation of FCGI::Request until the first call to CGI::Fast->new
      (RT #70609), removing the need to defined these in a BEGIN block
    - add test to check ENV values are not recycled from old requests and not
      set as defaults when the FCGI_SOCKET_PATH is used (RT #65492)
    - add file_handles method to allow setting of file handles to be passed
      to FCGI (RT #94423)

    - document above changes
    - general tidy up

2.01 2014-05-27

    - update perldoc to list current bugtracker and maintainer
    - pod2readme the perldoc to replace content of README with something sane

2.00 2014-05-22

    - Repointing bugtracker at newly forked github repo
    - Tickets migrated from RT to github issues (both CGI and distributions)
    - Bump version to 2.00 for clear boundary of above changes
    - For previous Changes please see prior to 3.65_01